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Noise surveys can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s to assess road noise affecting a proposed residential development, a noise impact assessment of a plant installation, or a noise survey for a restaurant.

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Noise Surveys Birmingham

Noise Surveys Birmingham

NOVA Acoustics Ltd provides Noise Surveys, Assessments and Planning Reports across the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire,Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. Our local knowledge and ability to respond quickly to your project requirements across Birmingham, Stoke, Bristol and Oxford is unrivalled and comes at the most competitive price. We specialise in Noise Surveys for Planning Permission so give us a call to discuss your project.

Our expert technical team can offer a noise survey solution to suit your needs. We have years of experience providing noise surveys for a diverse range of projects and can offer bespoke solutions to ensure your specific noise survey requirements are achieved. Our friendly and knowledge team are eager to help you through your project and provide a professional and efficient service, which will guarantee a hassle-free solution to your noise survey requirements. Through our network of engineers, we can provide highly competitive pricing and an unrivalled quality of service. We understand the challenges involved with gaining planning permission and we aim to help you achieve this with a top-quality noise survey performed quickly and efficiently.

What is a Noise Survey?

Environmental noise is a critical issue in most countries, this can be from sources of noise such as industrial noise, transport noise, entertainment noise or construction noise. These noise sources can cause an effect on the amenity of people living in the vicinity and also adverse effects on health and wellbeing. 

At NOVA Acoustics we assess the level of impact expected from various noise sources by undertaking a noise survey. This could be assessing the noise emissions from a road, as a client is wanting to develop residential dwellings on land adjacent to the road. Or it could be consulting with an industrial premises to ensure the expansion of their facility will not cause undue harm (in terms of noise) to the neighbouring houses. 

We would undertake a noise survey to firstly ascertain the level of noise and then assess the noise against the relevant standard, such as BS8233:2014 or BS4142:2014.  Once the level of noise impact is assessed we would provide recommendations to mitigate the noise and ensure compliance with the relevant standard or local authority criteria. 

Do you need a Noise Survey for Planning Permission?

The most common type of noise survey or noise impact assessment we conduct is for planning permission. When developing a residential house or flat, schools, healthcare facilities or hotels, if the development site is near to a transport noise source such as a road or railway then it is likely that during the planning permission process the Local Authority will request a BS8233 noise survey to be undertaken to ensure that appropriate internal and external noise levels can be achieved to guarantee the amenity of the future occupants. 

Or if the development is going to generate noise then a BS4142 noise surveys are conducted to assess the likely impact of industrial and commercial noise sources at noise sensitive premises. So, if you are installing external plant equipment, including air conditioning units, extractions systems or generators at your commercial premises. The Local Authority will request a BS4142 noise assessment to be undertaken to ensure the noise impact at the closest sensitive premises is kept to a minimum. 

Ultimately, the purpose of the BS8233 and BS4142 noise survey is to ensure that the development is compliant with the National Planning and Policy Framework and Noise Policy Statement for England.

Who Can Carry Out Your Noise Survey?

The person conducting your Noise Survey must suitably qualified and have recognized qualifications and professional membership to the institute of acoustics. At NOVA Acoustics Ltd all our consultants are Corporate Members or Associate Members of the Insitute of Acoustics and are deemed as suitably qualified to conduct acoustic consultancy work. NOVA Acoustics Ltd also holds IS0 9001 accreditation for quality and UKAS Accreditation for Sound Insulation Testing. 

Where do We Provide Noise Surveys?

Our Team of Acoustic Consultants are strategically placed across the UK meaning we typically have an Acoustic Consultant within an hour's drive of your project. Based in the West Midlands, our team is available for a fast call out across the region. 

What is a BS8233 Residential Noise Survey?

The aim of a noise survey is to gain a baseline measurement of the noise environment within the vicinity of your proposed development. Once the noise environment has been defined, the potential noise impact on residential dwellings can be assessed. The level of noise impact is analysed according to British Standards; such as BS8233:2014 and BS4142:2014 as well as the World Health Organisation Guidelines to ensure the future occupants will not be adversely affected by noise.

How Do You Carry Out a BS8233 Residential Noise Survey?

  • We will carry out an environmental noise measurements and acoustic calculations to establish the noise levels across the development site.
  • We recommend and assess appropriate mitigation measures to protect the external areas.
  • We will calculate the internal noise levels to allow the provision of appropriate glazing and ventilation specifications for the development. 
  • We will provide a technical report for submission to your local authority to support your planning application

What is a BS4142 Noise Assessment?

BS4142 noise surveys are conducted to assess the likely impact of industrial and commercial noise sources at noise sensitive premises. So, if you are installing external plant equipment, including air conditioning units, extractions systems or generators at your commercial premises. The Local Authority will request a BS4142 noise assessment to be undertaken to ensure the noise impact at the closest sensitive premises is kept to a minimum. BS4142 will also apply if you are developing new sensitive premises, including residential houses or flats, schools, healthcare or hotels, in close proximity to existing industrial or commercial noise sources.

A BS4142 noise report can be requested at the pre-application stage of planning permission, if the Local Authority considers noise to be a high enough risk to affect the likelihood of the planning application being accepted. Or it may be conditioned under the planning permission approval. The information submitted within a noise survey report allows the Planning and Environmental Health Departments to assess the level of noise impact expected from the development and ensure appropriate noise control measures are put in to place. Ultimately, the purpose of the BS4142 noise survey is to ensure that the

development is compliant with the National Planning and Policy Framework and Noise Policy Statement for England.

How is a BS4142 Noise Survey conducted?

The aim of a BS4142 noise survey is to firstly gain a baseline measurement of the prevailing background noise.;

  • We will carry out an environmental noise measurement to assess the prevailing background sound level without the proposed industrial or commercial noise source in operation at the closest sensitive receptor
  • An assessment of the noise emissions from the source of industrial noise under assessment is conducted. If the noise source is not yet operational, acoustic modelling will be undertaken to predict the level of noise emissions. If the noise source is operational noise measurements will be conducted at the closest sensitive receptor with the noise source active.
  • The level of noise impact is analysed according to BS4142:2014 and the level in which the industrial noise exceeds the prevailing background sound level dictates the likely impact.
  • We recommend and assess appropriate mitigation measures to protect the closest sensitive premises from noise.
  • We will provide a technical report for submission to your local authority to support your planning application

How Can We Help With Your Noise Survey?

NOVA Acoustics is one of the UK’s leading independent consultancies. We offer a dedicated, professional service to a wide range of private and commercial clients through a network of accredited engineers. We have extensive experience of conducting any type of noise survey or assessment and can usually offer a fast turnaround on urgent projects. Our expert advice is highly valued.

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