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Sports and community areas need to have quality acoustics to help individuals feel safe and secure. Conversely, it is also important for sports and community areas not to significantly impact on the surrounding areas and local noise-sensitive receptors.

Potential sources of such undesirable noise could come from installations such as hockey or football fields, community centres or gymnasiums. The ground borne vibrations caused by free weights being dropped on the floors of commercial gyms can also require input of a qualified acoustic consultant.

NOVA Acoustics Ltd have years of experience providing the highest quality acoustic consultancy for sports and community projects.

Our clients to have ranged from small to medium sized projects, as well as larger sports and community projects, such as town halls; each has benefited from our expertise in acoustic design, creating customised, high-quality sports and community spaces for their residents.

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We are able to use our noise modelling capabilities allow to ensure that designs comply with the latest standards and guidance regarding sports and community projects, such as acoustic guidance issued by Sport England.

Our expert acoustic consultants have helped clients with their sports and community requirements by providing advice to designers and assessing projects for sporting noise suitability, including motor sports, clay pigeon shooting, as well as other outdoor pursuits such as quad biking.

Our professional team can provide easy to understand, practical advice for achieving the best results in any acoustic project within sports and community sector.

In these instances, it is particularly important that noise from any proposed projects do not negatively impact on the surrounding countryside and residents. We encourage clients wanting ideal advice regarding sports and community acoustics to contact us as early as possible; we can assist with advice in many aspects of the design and planning for sports and community projects, allowing clients to deliver quality results in an efficient and practical manner.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team can offer advice on a broad range of sports and community projects. This could include the design of acoustics for a new sporting development or the re-purposing of an existing space to help improve acoustic conditions. We can also provide simple, practical tips to minimise the need to spend unnecessary money on sound mitigating measures, improving budget management and improving overall project expenditure efficiency.

For more information on the high-quality acoustic consultancy services we can offer you and your project, contact our expert team via the form, email or call 0113 322 7977 to discuss your sports or community development requirements.

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