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When it comes to providing a quality acoustic consultant service within the healthcare sector, the most important factors are ensuring privacy for those who need it and making sure no noise negatively impacts on patient care.

NOVA Acoustics Ltd have years of experience providing the highest quality acoustic consultancy to many diverse sectors, including the healthcare sector. We’re able to provide expert information according to the Health Technical Memorandum 08-01: Acoustics (HTM 08-01), enabling our clients to reach the recommended performance standards for quality acoustics in healthcare settings.

New healthcare buildings in the United Kingdom are now required to comply with HTM 08-01 . Our expert acoustic consultants have helped clients in the healthcare sector by providing advice to designers and assessing healthcare facilities to achieve the optimal acoustic conditions for both patients and healthcare providers. 

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Our professional team can provide easy to understand, practical advice for achieving these conditions. This could include improving the acoustics through surface treatments, or providing sound insulation advice for rooms where the function has been modified or changed. We encourage clients within the healthcare sector to contact us as early as possible; we can assist with advice in many aspects of the design and planning of healthcare environments, allowing clients to deliver quality healthcare surroundings in an efficient and practical manner.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team can offer advice on a broad range of acoustic issues within the healthcare sector. These could include general practitioners (GP) offices or bespoke clinics or general-purpose healthcare buildings.

We can also provide simple, practical tips regarding positioning and room adjacency, to minimise the need to spend unnecessary money on sound insulation, improving budget management and project expenditure efficiency. Larger scale projects are also possible. This could include acoustic consultancy for hospitals, healthcare construction site sound testing, or testing of healthcare buildings after completion, to ensure that they comply with guidance and recommendations.

For more information on what we can offer members of the healthcare sector, contact our expert team via the form, email or call 0113 322 7977 to discuss your acoustic consultancy requirements.

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