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Noise Impact

Noise Impact Assessments

Over the years, we have worked with many different types of clients and gained experience in offering bespoke noise impact assessments that are suited to both exacting standards and budgets.

Noise Impact Assessments

Unwanted noise can intrude on many areas in life. Similarly, noise impact assessments is a broad term and can apply to a wide variety of sectors and services.

Typically, Noise Impact Assessments are requested by a planning permission or environmental health officer to ensure that your development is not adversely impacting on communal, residential or businesses that are situated nearby. As the name suggests, a noise impact assessment will try to predict the impact that noise from your development is likely to have on the surrounding area. There are many reasons that developments require a noise impact assessment. This could be anything from a business extending its hours of operation, to a new construction project in a city centre. In each of these examples, the client would need to know the likely impact that their project would have on the surrounding area. Finding out the answer to this question in advance can save a lot of money, hassle and time in the long run.

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What is involved in a noise impact assessment?

A good quality noise impact assessment will:

  • Determine the existing level of noise (i.e. the baseline noise) at the proposed development
    Predict the level of impact that the new proposal will have on this existing noise climate.
  • The specific type of noise impact assessment methodology will vary depending on the type of noise source that is of interest. However, a quality noise impact assessment will essentially involve measuring the existing noise climate that is associated with your development, as well as assessing the impact that the new proposal is likely to have on this climate.

There are many different types of noise that can potentially impact on the surrounding area, including railway, aircraft, road traffic and industrial noise. NOVA Acoustics Ltd have years of experience aiding with all kinds of noise impact assessment and our work is always informed and undertaken to the latest Government legislation and guidance.

What if my project is particularly noisy?

Noise exists in all facets of life and is only a problem if it significantly impacts on people who don’t want to hear it. The main purpose of a noise impact assessment is not to determine if a project is likely to cause noise, but if anybody is likely to be significantly adversely impacted by it.

If this is the case, we can use our years of experience to help clients mitigate the impact of noise through realistic, tailored acoustic solutions.

How do I proceed with a noise impact assessment?

As the scope of noise impact assessments can vary enormously, the best thing you can do is contact us directly to discuss the specific needs of your project. We will offer you practical, cost-effective advice about how to proceed with the noise impact assessment for your project.

Contact us via the form, or ring us, to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable team about your noise impact assessment requirements.

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