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People want to spend time and money in developments where they feel comfortable. One of the easiest, yet most often overlooked ways that developers can achieve this aim is to pay attention to acoustics in a leisure setting.

It is not uncommon for the most successful leisure development to enlist the advice of an acoustic consultant in the earliest stages of their plans, to ensure that their leisure development provides exactly the right kind of atmosphere for future clients and customers.

Having the advice of an appropriately qualified acoustic consultant also helps to fulfil planning requirements, or satisfy the recommendations specified by ProPG : Gym Acoustics Guidance (GAG).

 Our clients to have ranged from small to medium sized projects, as well as larger sports and community projects, such as town halls; each has benefited from our expertise in acoustic design, creating customised, high-quality sports and community spaces for their residents. NOVA Acoustics Ltd have years of experience providing the highest quality acoustic consultancy to areas including the leisure sector.

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We have a proven track-record of offering industry-leading advice and services, enabling our clients to reach the recommended performance standards for quality acoustics in leisure settings. New leisure buildings such as cinemas, bowling alleys or gyms can all benefit from properly implemented leisure acoustics. We follow the latest guidance and recommendations from industry regulators and local authorities, to ensure that our clients are completely able to fulfil their aims.

Our expert acoustic consultants have helped clients in the leisure sector by providing advice to designers and assessing leisure facilities to achieve the optimal acoustic conditions for developers and customers alike. Our professional team can provide easy to understand, practical advice for achieving such conditions. This could include improving leisure acoustics through surface treatments, or providing sound insulation advice for rooms where the function is to be modified or changed.

We encourage clients within the leisure sector to contact us as early as possible; we can assist with advice in many aspects of the design and planning of leisure developments, allowing clients to deliver quality leisure surroundings in an efficient and practical manner.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team can offer advice on a broad range of environments within the leisure sector. These could include cinema and arcade complexes, bespoke activity centres or general-purpose leisure buildings. We can also provide simple, practical tips regarding positioning and room adjacency, to minimise the need to spend unnecessary money on sound insulation, improving budget management and project expenditure efficiency. Larger scale projects are also possible. We can offer acoustic consultancy for hotels, leisure construction site sound testing, or testing of leisure buildings after completion, to ensure that they comply with guidance and recommendations.

For more information on what we can offer members of the leisure sector, contact our expert team via the form, send an email to or call 0113 322 7977 to discuss your acoustic consultancy requirements.

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