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Although other aspects of an office, such as layout and decoration, usually take the forefront when thinking of design, the importance of quality office acoustics is becoming increasingly understood for its highly positive effects on employees.

Office acoustics should be ideally considered at an early stage in planning, to avoid common problems associated with poorly conceived offices. Problematic office acoustic issues can include, poor sound isolation and speech intelligibility, or even disruptive building service noise.

NOVA Acoustics Ltd have years of experience providing the highest quality consultancy for office acoustics. Our clients to have ranged from small to medium sized companies, as well as large international corporations; each has benefited from our expertise in office acoustic design. We’ve helped to create customised, high-quality working environments for all of our client’s employees. Our efficient and accurate office acoustic modelling capabilities allow to ensure that designs comply with standards set down by the Building and Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method (or BREEAM) or as part of the requirements for obtaining planning permission.
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Our expert acoustic consultants have helped clients with their office acoustics by providing advice to designers and assessing office facilities to achieve the optimal acoustic conditions for factors such as speech intelligibility for ease of communication, which can enhance employee concentration and productivity.

Our professional team can provide easy to understand, practical advice for achieving these conditions. This could include improving office acoustics through surface treatments, or providing sound insulation advice for rooms where the function is to be modified or changed. We encourage clients wanting ideal office acoustic performance to contact us as early as possible; we can assist with advice in many aspects of the design and planning of office environments, allowing our clients to deliver quality office acoustics in an efficient and practical manner.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team can offer advice on a broad range of office acoustic issues sector. This could include the design of acoustics for a new office development or the re-purposing of an existing space to help improve acoustic conditions for employees. We can also provide simple, practical tips regarding positioning and room adjacency, to minimise the need to spend unnecessary money on sound insulation, thereby improving budget management and project expenditure efficiency.

For more information on the high-quality office acoustics we can offer you and your employees, contact our expert team via the form, email on or call 0113 322 7977 to discuss your acoustic consultancy requirements.

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