19mm Sound Plank Half Sheet

£8.50 (Excluding VAT)

£10.20 (Including VAT)

We provide soundproofing products for trade accounts only with a minimum order value of £500 (ex VAT).

Why Choose 19mm Sound Plank Half Sheet

Performance: varies as it features in acoustic systems*

Dimensions: 2400mm x 600mm x 19mm.

Weight: 21.6kg

For: homes and workplaces.

Compliance: Compliant with Part E Building Regulations (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland).*

Installation: will vary depending on which system it features.

Where: wall and ceiling applications of metal, wooden, brick and concrete structures.

Commonly used as part of an acoustic system, or combined with additional acoustic materials such as our MuteClip®.

Specialist Acoustic Plasterboard for Part E Building Regulations Compliance

SoundPlank, like Acoustic Plasterboard, is a material you will have come across many times in soundproofing, perhaps you have read it in one of our guides, or a local installer has suggested it as a solution to your neighbour noise, or seen that it features on a specification for a housing or office refurbishment. It is also a truly universal product.

SoundPlank 19mm has a higher mass than both standard Plasterboard and Acoustic Plasterboard, and it is this mass that provides the reduction of airborne sound, reducing its transference from room to room by blocking sound energy. The brown paper facing does not receive a skim and plaster layer, and this is why it is primarily a part of full acoustic systems, as it sits behind Tecsound and Acoustic Plasterboard, which can be decorated over. To achieve the best possible result in soundproofing, you will need to incorporate SoundPlank into our acoustic systems, and you will find these in our 'Systems' tab above in all of our ceiling and wall soundproofing systems across a range of different solutions. Each offers methods of increasing the soundproofing performance by combining them alongside our MuteClip®.


  • 2400mm x 600mm x 19mm (1.44m2).
  • High-density plasterboard for protection against airborne noise.
  • Tapered or Straight edge.
  • Cannot decorate onto directly.
  • Incorporated into our MuteClip® Systems.

A minimum of 20 can only be ordered due to shipping, for quantities less than this, please see our half-size Acoustic Plasterboard in related products below. There can be a lead time of up to 5 days for this material, our team can help you with your arrangements

Is SoundPlank a sound proofing upgrade to Acoustic Plasterboard?

SoundPlank has an increased mass, which is an essential property in sound proofing when aiming to reduce airborne noise, this results in an improvement over standard Acoustic Plasterboard. When using in an acoustic system such as our MuteClip® Double Plus, we look to use a range of different materials with different mechanical properties and densities to help break down the sound more effectively.

Can I use Sound Plank on its own to sound proof a room?

Sound Plank cannot be used as a standalone product as it is not possible to decorate over the top; the paper front will receive plaster directly.

Which way is the SoundPlank installed?

The brown paper finish will want to be facing into the room. If using a tapered edge, it will be the tapered edge facing into the room.

You will want to make sure that the surface you are applying to is flat to avoid any joints unsuccessfully matching up.

When affixing SoundPlank you will want to use heavy duty fixings of 9 per board and remember to leave a 2-5mm gap from the adjacent surfaces.

Fix with tapered edge vertically.

Fill all gaps, including the abutting of all joints and around the perimeter. The aim to make sure the surface is as airtight as possible as you are trying to reduce airflow that airborne noise transfers through, even the smallest of gaps.

Use a scrim tape on joins to provide a strong bond for skim plastering; it is essential to note that you require no additional lining paper for skimming, it is ready to go.

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