3D Note Adagio

Acoustic Panels and Sound Absorption products to reduce reverberation and minimize the noise in your workspace or office. Improve your Room Acoustics and boost concentration, improve communication, increase comfort, improve productivity and ensure priv

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Why Choose 3D Note Adagio

Performance: 'A' Class absorption rating.

Dimensions: 320mm (variable height) x 2000mm (length) x 900mm (width).

Weight: 10kg.

For: homes, workplaces and music auditoriums.

Installation: fixings included with variable wire suspension.

Where: ceiling applications only.

Adagio is a sequence of well-controlled, graceful movements in which the design represents a physical waveform.

Break up the monotonous straight edges of your room with our 3D Note™ Adagio while at the same time, absorbing the reflecting sound waves that are troubling your acoustic soundscape through reverberation. Adagio is modern, sleek and incredibly pleasing to view at any time of the day, depending on your aesthetic preference, whether you blend in or break the mould. It is available for suspended from the ceiling which increases the open surface area for a better level of absorption of both uncontrolled reflections in large spaces and to fine-tune the acoustics of smaller spaces. The suspended options put its Noise Reduction Coefficient in the category of Class A.


  • Adagio - 320mm (variable height) x 2000mm (length) x 900mm (width) (approximation as cutting may give some slight tolerance)
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient of 1.00 (average of 100% across all frequencies)
  • Made from 100% polyester fibres
  • A durable structure that provides long term stability
  • Available in 15 different colours which blending is an option available to your designs
  • Each design will require assembly on arrival


We have selected a video below to showcase our 3D Note™ Adagio to help inspire, maybe you will see something you like, perhaps you won’t, or perhaps you fancy it in a different colour or shape!

Have your own idea?

We want to hear it and help bring it to life for you. Our in-house design team can help you look at structuring and how it is put together, to work with you in how you can place it in a particular space. We will show you visualisations of the product and its placement, then we send it off to our precision cutting team to be cut and finally sent to you or our installation team to be crafted and installed.

We offer a bespoke product tailoring for our 3D Note™ Adagio with our in-house designer to help cater to your ideas

Is it suitable for my space?

Adagio is ideal for almost every situation to promote better internal acoustics. Whether you require sound absorption for an office, or you run a co-working space and have had complaints on the noise, or you run a small coffee house with high ceilings - we can install these in your space. The only recommendation we do have is selecting the right colour for the area such as where there is cooking, steam or smoke - a brilliant white shade may not fair well over time.

Each Adagio is precision cut for both visual consistency and ease of fitting, and is flat packed with suspension wires and instructions for assembly if you fancy yourself a DIY enthusiast or not we have an installation team happy to help put these in place for you!

  • Offices and Workplace Environments
  • Home
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Cafés
  • Retail

I want to know how to get the best result from sound absorption material for there is a lot of Reverb present in our space - what is the first step?

Each room features its own set of acoustic characteristics with no two alike, depending on its volumetric size, its geometry and its amount of hard, reflective surfaces - each of these lends to changing the soundscape. There also needs to be an idea of what activities will be conducted in the space, for instance, a large sports hall for lecturing purposes would not fair well unless a significant amount of sound absorption was introduced alongside sound reinforcement systems. You will want to make sure that the level of speech intelligibility is spread evenly across the room, which is also another factor for if it is for say 200 people in a 10 x 20-meter length and width room with 10 meters in height - a huge percentage would need to be accounted for. With this, there is no immediate answer to this without knowing the details of:

  • The room size
  • Geometry, such as a pitched roof with an octagon shape would have a completely different trajectory of sound than a simple rectangle room with a flat roof
  • What each surface has as a building material, for instance, a polished wooden floor with exposed breezeblock walls and a wood panel ceiling

We would then look at the events/activities you want to conduct in here and look at the best available options to you, break them down in to various tiers if required to factor in budgeting and performance - and then we look at your visual requirements in how you would like each Note™ to appear in the space.

Will 3D Note™ Adagio reduce sound transfer from room to room?

Sound transmission is a different acoustic characteristic to reverberation, both still following how sound travels, but each requiring completely different solutions to address them. Sound transmission requires the use of dense and often suspended soundproofing materials, such as ones featured in our MuteRange, that cover an entire surface to reduce sound transmitting from room to room, whereas reverberation is the introduction of softer materials to an environment with an abundance of the hard and reflective surfaces, for example:

  • Polished concrete floors
  • Plasterboard or glass partitions
  • Metal partitions
  • Wooden floor finishes

We frequently find both of these to be co-existing issues, as reverberation creates a noisy adjacent environment for surrounding rooms that have weak partitioning.

Is 3D Note™ Adagio environmentally friendly and safe to install?

3D Note™ Adagio is made of 100% Polyester Fibres which makes it dependable for almost any internal applications for there are not exposed irritants or loose fibres. Of this 65% comes from Post Consumer Recycled Content with 35% from Pre Consumer Recycled PET fibres.

Fire Rating is measured under EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009: B - s1, d0.

We have a restaurant/café that requires acoustic treatment, is the Adagio appropriate for use in a cooking environment?

With the minimal design approach being implemented across a broad range of interior projects, it has not skipped the hospitality environment. From cafés stripping back to the bare walls, ripping the carpets up and using open, free-flowing spaces with hard furnishing: it aims to create an airy, non-cluttered environment. Restaurants are ever popping up, so it is not just the food on the forefront of the menu - but it is the experience as a whole that is just as important.

So they decided to open up their kitchens, occasionally opening them up in the middle of the dining area, creating a holistic and engaging experience of letting the liveliness of the kitchen area pour over, the buzz and the smells - all inflaming the senses. But, and this is a big but - if the noise which is often heard in kitchen environment spills over to the dining area and disrupts customers and guests interacting with one another, the experience becomes a negative one. So it is with this that the acoustic design of open-plan hospitality environments needs to consider the layout with the right sound absorption to retain this approach as a positive one.

3D Note™ Adagio is perfect for creating a visually stimulating break to the modern design while still allowing it to remain sophisticated - you are breaking the mould of trendy conventions with your own touch. We do recommend that you look at using darker colour schemes available where excessive vapour and smoke is being used for light colours will stain over time.

Are there any instructions provided with 3D Note™ Adagio to install successfully?

Printed instructions are provided with each 3D Note™ Adagio and comes with a set of suspension wires as standard to suspend it.

Can I create my own design instead of using 3D Note™ Adagio?

If you have been inspired by what you have seen in our Case Studies or would want to look at potential options of making grand or slight custom alterations to 3D Note™ Adagio, we can help. We can support you in the structuring of each idea by creating visual layouts of how it will piece together, if necessary we will also look to develop prototypes to see how it hangs in the physical space - and we can create visualisations of them rendered into your current or proposed rooms.

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