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What makes CESVA sound level meters so good?

Whatever the profession, it is important to have the right tool for the job.

For an acoustic consultant this largely boils down to having a great quality sound level meter, which can be relied upon to make the most accurate noise measurements for the client.

There is an old adage which states ‘you get what you pay for’; however, acoustic instruments manufacturer CESVA are showing the industry that you can pay less and get a whole lot more.

CESVA are a world-renowned manufacturer of quality sound level meters, noise meters and acoustic instruments. Since the company’s inception in Barcelona, Spain over 40 years ago, CESVA have excelled at their aim to make first class instruments for the assessment of noise and vibration.

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One area in which CESVA stand out from the crowd is through the design of their acoustic instruments, which put simplicity and the acoustic consultant’s ease of usage at the heart of their experience. This can be seen in the impressive range of noise and vibration assessment products they have released – from loggers/limiters to tapping machines & sound sources – all of which are extremely easy to use, yet do not compromise on power or functionality.

Picking a standout product from CESVA’s comprehensive array of acoustic instruments is a difficult task; however, one product that has been garnering considerable attention from the acoustics industry is the CESVA sound level meter.

There are many innovative features that make CESVA noise meters top choices for any acoustic consultant; these include 1/1 and 1/3-octave band spectral analysers that can be found on their popular SC420 and SC260 models. The SC420 has also become one of the most sought-after sound level meters in the acoustics industry through expandable module options and automated parameter features.

Despite all of the comprehensive features that can be found on CESVA sound level meters, their most often praised aspect is their simplicity found in CESVA’s unique ‘On&Play’ function. This allows acoustic consultants to start using their sound level meter within seconds of taking it out of the box.

With CESVA noise meters starting from prices as low as £1,395, there is little wonder that pioneering acoustic instrument manufacturer is beginning to gain popularity throughout the UK acoustics industry.

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