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What is the best Sound Level Meter for a Noise Survey?

Noise at work surveys can be a challenging task for an acoustic consultant; although it is one of the most common jobs that will be requested by a client, the sheer number of different types of client who can request them means that they can vary considerably from one job to the next.

Noise surveys can be based in almost any location; there are industrial noise surveys, residential development surveys and entertainment noise surveys that all need to be considered in relation to potential noise issues. Each of these different types of noise survey presents its own challenges and unique aspects to the work involved; this means that the sound level meter an acoustic consultant needs will need to be able to cope with the varied workload that each of these unique environments poses.
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Although a noise meter is one of the basic requirements needed to perform a noise survey, not all sound level meters are created equal; some are better at adapting to certain tasks due to the nature of the additional modules and features that can be found on board. Arguably one of the most adaptable noise meters for the purpose of noise surveys is the CESVA SC260. It comes packed with a host of features that means it will be able to cope with the unique demands of an industrial noise survey, or be perfect for use as a solid measurement device for an entertainment noise survey. CESVA’s SC260 is a Type 2 integrating and analysing sound level meter and spectral analyser. The spectral analyser works across both 1/1 and 1/3-octave bands, whilst being able to measure all frequency-weightings (A, C & Z) simultaneously. Additionally, all measurements made are on done on a single scale, allowing for the quickest and simplest means of gather information for any noise survey required. What makes the SC260 one of the top choices for an acoustic consultant is its outstanding value for money. A sound level meter with fantastic features is useless if it is priced out of an acoustic consultant’s range. Fortunately, CESVA’s SC260 can be purchased for as little as £1,395 .

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