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Performance: Varies depending on the application.

Dimensions: 5.5m x 1.2m x 12.5mm

Weight: 37kg

For: Homes, workplaces, industrial developments, and specialist audio environments.

Compliance: Compliant with both Part E Building Regulations (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland).*

Installation: Please see our installation tab below.

Where To be used for soundproofing metal cuts, PVC and metal sewage pipes, industrial machinery as an acoustic curtain and air conditioning units.

Vibration Control and Damping Products. Tecsounds Visco Elastic Membrane can be used to mitigate vibration in panels and metal frames or it can be used to provide airborne and impact sound insulation between spaces.

MuteWrap is a flexible, easy to handle and high performing acoustic wrap for soundproofing a range of different servicing, from HVAC units to metal cladding.

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It is problematic when you can hear the noise of a heating or air conditioning unit rattling; this rattling travels throughout the ducting or pipes and leads to vibration transferring through the structure. Waste pipes are exposed to similar issues, without adequate boxing in or a soundproofing solution, this makes for a slightly uncomfortable environment as silence descends over the room. These can all be solved by the use of our MuteWrap.

MuteWrap is a visco-elastic membrane, and this means it is both a viscous material, part way between a solid and a liquid, and has elastic properties, meaning that it returns to its original form when stresses within its limits are applied, like pulling an elastic band, if you pull it too hard it will break. For soundproofing, these are both effective in the damping of vibration, and because of its high mass, will reduce airborne noise too. Alongside this is a felt inside that helps to soften the noise transfer and it then finished with a protective foil meshing, one that can be applied to exposed ductwork to help fit into its ‘look’ when installing as a standalone without creating acoustic boxing.


  • Soundproofing industrial ductwork
  • Soundproofing air conditioning units
  • Soundproofing waste pipes, both PVC and metal
  • Soundproofing internal of machinery to reduce vibration
MuteWrap is a visco-elastic material with a felt inside to increase it’s damping qualities, the finishing is protective aluminium mesh. Visco-elastic is a material that sits between the properties of a viscous substance (between a liquid and a solid, easily malleable) and an elastic material that both help to provide a material with the density to help sound proof against airborne noise issues, as well as reducing vibration by dissipating sound energy by turning it into heat.
MuteWrap’s temperature range is between -20°C to 60°C, anything above and below these could degrade the viscoelastic material and cause it to dry out. We would recommend applying Tecsound a dedicated acoustic plasterboard boxing to encase it. You will want to discuss these options with a registered plumbing expert to be sure of its compatibility.
The use of Mute Wrap for sound proofing waste pipes a the primary focus of the product, it is straightforward to cut and wrap around the pipe to help provide damping to any vibration and the assisting in sound proofing against airborne noise from waste travelling through the pipework. Cable Ties are used to secure the MuteWrap in place and the use of Aluminium Tape to maintain the external aesthetic.
The vapour and moisture levels in bathrooms and wet rooms could over time degrade the MuteWraps elasticity over time, it is recommended to use a Vapour or Moisture plasterboard boxing to protecting it from direct exposure, you will want to discuss the use of soundproof materials with a damp specialist in areas that could present damp issues over time.
MuteWrap is not designed for floor sound proofing; although a felt inside would appear to be suitable, it would offer little impact reduction as it is easily compressible. We have a wide range of soundproofing options for floors which you can view here.

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Sound insulation advice for Part E

Soundproofing Floors
Soundproofing Floors
Soundproofing Designs for Party Floors to achieve compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations.
Soundproofing Walls

Soundproofing Walls

Soundproofing Designs for Party Walls to achieve compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations.

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