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Scrim Tape MAin

Scrim Tape

Dimensions: 1mm x 48mm x 90mm

Weight: 100g

For: Homes, workplaces, industrial developments, and specialist audio environments.

Installation: Simply apply to all plasterboard joins and follow plastering advice.

Where: For use with all Acoustic and Soundproof Plasterboard finishes, this includes our MuteBoard™ to provide bonding for a skim plaster layer between all joins.

More Information

Scrim Tape is an essential accessory for dry-liners and DIY enthusiasts, it is needed for any joins found in Acoustic Plasterboard to our MuteBoard™ range, and it helps for skim plaster layer to stick to it. It is advised to apply this as you plaster and not in advance as the adhesive can lose its tack and fall off the wall.


  • 1mm x 48mm x 90m
  • Fibreglass mesh for a stronger joint
  • Open fabric to eliminate blistering and bubbles
Scrim Tape is used for taping all joins in plasterboard so that the skim plaster layer bonds to the meshing, it will not bond to the sealant alone. You will want to apply the scrim tape as you plaster and not leave it – it’s adhesive does not hold for a great length of time.
A single strip will often suffice, some continue to go over certain areas to make sure that full coverage is provided on the acoustic plasterboard joins.
Scrim tape offers no additional soundproofing when applied, but, a skim layer will help to patch in any gaps.


Product Data

Sound insulation advice for Part E

Soundproofing Floors
Soundproofing Floors
Soundproofing Designs for Party Floors to achieve compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations.
Soundproofing Walls

Soundproofing Walls

Soundproofing Designs for Party Walls to achieve compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations.

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