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Isolation Strip S/A

Performance: Expected 4-6dB improvement in joist floor systems

Dimensions: 2m x 46mm x 4/8mm

Weight: 400g

For: Homes, workplaces, industrial developments, and specialist audio environments.

Compliance: Compliant with both Part E Building Regulations (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland).*

Installation: Please see our installation tab below.

Where: Multi-use application on walls, floors and ceilings, with special focus on decoupling the structure to improve acoustic performance.

More Information

Our Isolation Strip P8 is an important component in the majority of timber flooring constructions, and in the building of stud-frames to assist in decoupling the structure, an essential property of reducing structural-borne vibration and low-frequency noise through suspending the mass away.

Isolation Strip P8 is a rubber-crumb, self-adhesive strip, and it is this rubber crumb material combined with its varying heights between 4-8mm that makes it a little more compressible, helps to reduce points of contact and spreads the load when a force from footsteps or pressure from furniture over a particular area is applied. This results in an enhanced treatment of impact transmission over flat isolation strips. Isolation Strip P8 will not falter under typical weights that are common in households and commercial properties, but with significant weights that are not usually expected, then do let us know so can we advise you. We would like to make sure that what you are selecting is correct, and will help you reach your soundproofing goals.


  • 2m x 46mm x 4/8mm.
  • To decouple stud framing and floating floor constructions, essential for projects that require low-frequency or vibration control.
  • Easy to cut and manage.
  • Rubber-crumb mix.
  • 92% recycled material.
  • Self-adhesive strip that applied to both timber and metal.
With metal and timber stud walls, it isn’t just the use of sound insulation materials that help to provide additional sound proofing, but also the separation from adjacent surfaces. Isolation Strips deviated structures provides fewer points of contact between the frame and floor, wall and ceiling. Our Isolation Strip is perfect for this use and is highly recommended where any new stud framing is being constructed.
Isolation Strip is also very efficient at reducing impact noise and to use this between the sub-floor and timber joist will help to dramatically improve any acoustic system, again, it’s the use of the deviated structure and its rubber crumb construction that helps to soften footfall and to reduce it transferring into the joist and into the walls. It has a self-adhesive backing that will help it remain in place when fitted to the joist, you will need to make sure it is as dust free as possible.
Because of its self-adhesive backing, it can be used to suspend surfaces away from each other to help prevent vibration transferring through, this quality is important for sound proofing cinema rooms, recording studios and even in combination with washing machines or other household appliances.
The Isolation Strip was designed originally as an under screed, so it able to tolerate high point weight loads without faltering. If there are any concerns with weights and the use of our Isolation Strip – do contact our team.

Installation Guide

Make sure to peel the paper covering off to expose the self-adhesive face, be careful not to pull off this self-adhesive in the process

Isolation Strip P8 must be installed on to a clean surface, one that is debris and oil free to remain in place.

Install pimple side facing upwards.


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Soundproofing Floors
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Soundproofing Walls

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