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Double 100mm Concrete/Brick Wall with Air Cavity

① 1 x 10mm Plasterboard min 7.1 kg/m²

② 8mm Soundcoat Plus

③100mm Concrete/Brick Wall min. density 1600 kg/m³

④ Min. 25mm Air Cavity

⑤ 25mm Mineral Wool Insulation 10 - 12 kg/m³

⑥ 100mm Concrete/Brick Wall min. density 1600 kg/m³

⑦ 8mm Soundcoat Plus

⑧ 1 x 10mm Plasterboard min 7.1 kg/m²

Fitting Detail

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Installation Tips

1. Ensure all specified materials and dimensions are in accordance with the drawing.
2. Construct the ‘party’ wall from the true subfloor to soffit.
3. Fully fill all blockwork joints with Soundcoat Plus.
4. Keep cavity and wall ties (and insulation) free from mortar droppings and debris.
5. Install Insulation tightly fitted in the air cavity, with no gaps and ensure the air cavity is not bridged at any point.
6. Make sure there is no connection between the two leaves except where ties are necessary for structural reasons. Minimum 25mm of air cavity.
7. Affix acoustic plasterboard to the brick/concrete leaf. Ensure a 3mm gap is maintained around the perimeter and seal with acoustic sealant.
8. Keep any chases for services to a minimum and fill well with mortar. Stagger chases on each side of the wall to avoid them being back to back.
9. Ensure ALL flanking routes are suppressed.