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200mm Timber Joists with Independent Ceiling

① 18mm Chipboard min 11.9 kg/m³

② 200mm Timber Joists

③ Lathe & Plaster (or 2 No. layers of 15mm SoundBloc plasterboard)

④ Min 50mm Air Cavity

⑤ New Independent Timber Ceiling (*Check joist depth to room span with structural engineer) with 100mm RW3 Rockwool Insulation (minimum density 60 kg/m³)

⑥ 2 x 15mm Soundboard min 12.6 kg/m²

Fitting Detail

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Installation Tips

1. Ensure all specified materials and dimensions are in accordance with the drawing.
2. Fill all voids between walls and floors.
3. Install flanking strips around the perimeter of the flooring treatment to isolate floor from walls and skirtings.
4. Install slab insulation tightly fitted between the joists, with no gaps and ensure the air cavity is not bridged at any point.
5. Ensure min. 25mm Air Cavity between the floor joists and the independent ceiling.
6. Fix boards to independent ceiling with long edges at right angles to the framing.
7. Affix the second acoustic plasterboard with staggered joints. Ensure a 3mm gap is maintained around the perimeter and seal with acoustic sealant.
8. Ensure ALL flanking routes are supressed.

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