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150mm Precast Concrete Plank with Screed and MF Suspended Ceiling

① Min 65mm sand cement screed, or 40mm proprietary screed min 80 kg/m²

② MuteMat™ USP 750-08

③ 150mm Precast Concrete Plank min. density of 300 kg/m²

④ Acoustic Hangers

⑤ Min 150mm MF Suspended Ceiling

⑥ 50mm Mineral Wool Insulation 10-12 kg/m³

⑦ 12.5mm Soundboard min 10.6 kg/m²

Fitting Detail

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Installation Tips

1. Ensure all specified materials and dimensions are in accordance with the drawing.
2. Fill all holes and deficiencies between walls and floors.
3. Install resilient flanking strips around the perimeter of the floorboard to isolate the floor from walls and skirting.
4. Ensure resilient strip is continuous and pre-bonded to the timber batten. Any services should not bridge the resilient strip.
5. Install slab insulation tightly fitted between the joists, with no gaps and ensure the air cavity is not bridged at any point.
6. The bars should be spaced at 400 to 450mm centres and fitted across the joists to which they are to be fixed and also around the perimeters.
7. Ensure the screws used to fix the Soundboard to the bars do not go through the joists.
8. Fix boards to steel channel with long edges at right angles to the framing.
9. Affix the second acoustic plasterboard with staggered joints. Ensure a 3mm gap is maintained around the perimeter and seal with acoustic sealant.
10. Ensure ALL flanking routes are suppressed.

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