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Shush EcoWood™

Performance: 'A' Class absorption rating.

Dimensions: Variable.

Weight: Variable.

For: Workplaces and interiors.

Installation: Suspended.

Where: Ceiling applications only.

Wood wool acoustic panels.

More Information

shush ecowood1

Wood wool acoustic panels are very popular sound absorbing panels system in big spaces. Again EcoWood Wood Wool Acoustic Panels are a durable and nature friendly material made from wood wool. Using grey or white cement as the binder. Also combining fire resistance with good acoustic and heat insulation properties, the product offers the widest variety of design solutions.

Furthermore EcoWood Wood Wool Acoustic Panels are widely used in public and residential building for interior design, it is eco-friendly and harmless to your health. With its natural composition and outstanding properties, they are widely used in premises with increased acoustic load, where sound absorption is of essence. Additionally they are used in big open places like shopping centres, airports, trains stations and big corporate buildings, that been said you can use them in your home if you wish.

Also the panels offer great sound absorption properties for areas with echo and reverberation issues offering CLASS A acoustic performance. Also when installing there are two way to install, you can place a wooden frame down and place the panels on the frame or you can install straight onto the walls. After installing the panels small dust particles may be present, due to the mounting process. To get rid of the dust use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush nozzle.

If the panels are dirty or abraded during the installation, clean the surface with a damp cloth. In case the mounting works have caused surface defects, process the panel with a fine sandpaper. If necessary, the colouring of the decorative/acoustic panels can be restored with a spray paint or touch up paint. Choose the corresponding colour.



Sound insulation advice for Part E

Soundproofing Floors
Soundproofing Floors
Soundproofing Designs for Party Floors to achieve compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations.
Soundproofing Walls
Soundproofing Walls
Soundproofing Designs for Party Walls to achieve compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations.

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