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NOVA Acoustics


Residential & Commercial

Gateway Tower, Leeds - 21 No. storey Residential Tower Block with mixed use commercial ground and first floors.

Project Title: New Build 21 Storey Residential Tower in Leeds 

Project Value: £10m+

Project Brief: We have worked alongside Richard Boothroyd & Associates for multiple years, providing acoustic consultancy services where needed.

For this particular project, our services were required to support the project through RIBA Stage 1 and 2. Working together, we outlined the project’s requirements by defining the acoustic objectives. We carried out onsite noise and vibration surveys, establishing the sustainability and regulatory criteria. We then advised on the fundamental principles of site and building layout to minimise acoustic conflicts, pre-empting any problems that could potentially arise later. Following this, we provided an indicative sound insulation scheme in the form of acoustic glazing and ventilation, as well as guidance on noise generating aspects of the development such as plant rooms and externally mounted plant, to enable the local planning criteria to be achieved.

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