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Industrial Noise

Industrial Noise Surveys

Our acoustic expertise guarantees that your industrial noise survey includes everything necessary to ensure your project or development meets the required standards.

Industrial Noise Surveys

If you’re planning to install a new air-conditioning unit or extractor fan, you’ll require an industrial noise survey to help ensure that you won’t be adversely impacting on the local environment (whether it’s residents, community spaces or other businesses).

Industrial noise assessments (or industrial noise surveys) are undertaken to comply with BS 4142:2014. Industrial noise assessments will typically be requested to comply with this British Standard by a local authority; this request may come from a planning permission or environmental health officer.

The purpose of industrial noise surveys complying to BS 4142:2014 is to ensure that noise from fixed industrial units do not significantly impact surrounding areas. This might include either residents or businesses.

We can carry out industrial noise assessments on both existing and proposed developments, ensuring that compliance with BS 4142:2014 is upheld and the impact of any potential industrial noise on the surrounding area is minimised.

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What if the installation is likely to adverse impact?

After undertaking an industrial noise survey, we’ll be able to tell you how likely your proposed installation will be to cause adverse impact. Every case is unique, but factors that are going to play a significant role of determining the outcome of an industrial noise assessment may include: intended hours of operation, acoustic specifications of the unit being installed and proximity to the nearest neighbouring property (either residential or commercial). 

If the proposed installation does seem likely to cause adverse impact, we will provide you with tailored advice regarding cost-effective and realistic solutions to resolve the issue. 

Ultimately, this will depend on the requirements and guidelines laid out by your local authority, however, we have a proven track-record of helping our clients find appropriate solutions to their requirements. Some examples of previous changes that have helped our clients meet the required industrial noise survey BS 4142:2014 standards include: changing or modifying the proposed unit for installation, re-orientation or alignment of the unit to be installed, or designing acoustic noise-reducing barriers or enclosures.

What Do We Need?

After years of performing industrial noise surveys to high standards, our processes are efficient. To help your industrial noise assessment run as smoothly as possible, it’s helpful provide us with some information, to aid in better understanding your specific industrial noise survey requirements. These include:

  • Site plans
  • Manufacturer specifications for the proposed unit to be installed
  • A secure location to store our industrial noise survey equipment
  • Proposed operational hours for the unit being installed.

To find out what would work best for you and your proposed installation, contact us via the form or call us to have chat about your industrial noise assessment with our friendly, expert team.

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