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Vibration Surveys

Ground borne vibration can be an issue in many industrial, residential and constructions projects. Vibrations can arise from many different sources, including railway lines, road-based traffic and industrial sites.

Vibration Surveys

We have years of experience in offering monitoring and solutions to mitigate ground borne vibrations.

Like noise, ground borne vibration assessment helps to ensure that the activities of the proposed development or project are not negatively impacting nearby residents, community areas or businesses. In addition to the nuisance or distress that this can cause, ground borne vibrations can also damage the structural integrity of nearby permanent structures, which also includes any structures that the noise in emanating from. To prevent such clearly undesirable consequences, a planning permission or environmental health officer may request that a ground borne vibration survey be conducted in accordance with BS 6472.

What is BS 6472?

This British standard provides details concerning measurement and mitigation of ground borne vibration, ensuring that ground borne vibration does not negatively impact surrounding areas or cause structural damage over time.
Vib Surv
Vibration Surveys 2

What type of ground borne vibration survey do I require?

Your local authority (typically your planning permission or environmental health officer) will inform you of the need for a ground borne vibration assessment. The type of ground borne vibration survey required for your project will depend on the specific nature of your proposed development. Some are needed before any work has begun. This may be the case if it appears likely that ground borne vibration will impact negatively on nearby residents, communal areas or any other noise-sensitive receptor. It’s always worth getting in contact with us about your project as early as possible, as implementing mitigation for ground borne vibrations can be incorporated earlier in your project. This can save you time, money and hassle in the long run.

We have plenty of experience performing ground borne vibration surveys for many different projects across numerous sectors. We will always give you reliable, honest advice about the scope and requirements of your project. In the instance that ground borne vibration survey uncovers any potential issues, we will draw on our experience to provide you with a realistic, cost-effective solution, tailored to suit your needs. Simply the use the contact form on this page, or call our offices, to chat about your specific ground borne vibration survey requirements with our friendly and knowledgeable team of expert acoustic consultants.

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