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Environmental Permit Noise Impact Assessments

Environmental permits have conditions that require operators to control pollution – this includes controlling noise and vibration.

Environmental Permit Noise Impact Assessments

The Environment Agency has a duty to regulate noise and vibration from certain industrial processes to protect and improve the environment, public health and wellbeing.

Any operator or permit applicant must consider the potential noise and vibration impact of their site. Noise impact assessments are required at the permit application stage, when applying to vary a permit and to comply with specific permit conditions. The environment agency will consider that if noise is audible at surrounding domestic and non domestic receptors there will be a possibility of causing impact. Where noise is possible causing impact then the operator or applicants assessment must determine the level of impact and what is requried to prevent and minimise noise pollution. NOVA Acoustics Ltd have assisted in supporting many permit applications, so please call to discuss your project.
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What is involved in a noise impact assessment?

A good quality noise impact assessment will determine the existing level of noise (i.e. the baseline noise) at the closest receptors of the proposed development and predict the level of impact that the new proposal will have on this existing noise climate.

The specific type of noise impact assessment methodology will vary depending on the type of noise source that is of interest. However, a quality noise impact assessment will essentially involve measuring the existing noise climate that is associated with your development, as well as assessing the impact that the new proposal is likely to have on this climate. There are many different types of noise that can potentially impact on the surrounding area, including railway, aircraft, road traffic and industrial noise. Nova Acoustics Ltd have years of experience aiding with all kinds of noise impact assessment and our work is always informed and undertaken to the latest Government legislation and guidance.

What are Best Available Techniques (BAT)?

We can assess entertainment venues or places of worship that are currently operational or are still in the proposal stage (provided we have access to sufficient detail regarding a client’s proposed usage). If our entertainment noise assessment reveals that excessive noise emissions are being generated, we are highly experienced in offering expert advice to address the issue. Customers in all areas of the entertainment sector have benefited from our realistic, affordable and cost-effective solutions. These have included practical tips, or even providing mitigating measures such as limiters or sound level monitoring devices. These suggestions have proved invaluable to our clients, many of whom have gone on to operate successful venues and places of worship following an entertainment noise survey.

As the scope of noise impact assessments can vary enormously, the best thing you can do is contact us directly to discuss the specific needs of your project. We will offer you practical, cost-effective advice about how to proceed with the noise impact assessment for your project. Contact us via the form, or ring us, to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable team about your noise impact assessment requirements.

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