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Entertainment Noise Surveys

Whether this is gaining planning permission, starting a new entertainment premises or staging a temporary event, an entertainment noise survey will likely be required by your local authority.

Entertainment Noise Surveys

An entertainment noise survey may be needed in a variety of scenarios and venues, covering anything from nightclubs to places of worship or other religious functions.

Entertainment noise surveys help to ensure that due consideration is being given to those who may be negatively impacted outside of the venue or event. Some common examples of nuisance noise sources within the entertainment sector can include excessively loud music and amplified speech. The primary aim of an entertainment noise survey is to ensure that your temporary event, entertainment premises or place of worship does not impact negatively on surrounding or residents through excessive noise emissions. 

What differentiates an entertainment noise survey from a general noise impact assessment is the parts of the sound (or frequencies) that are analysed by our engineers. This is because most clients will probably be at risk of being troubled by the low frequency sounds. Low frequencies (or ‘low pitches’) these are usually found within music and amplified noises that are typical of venues requiring an entertainment noise survey.


How is an entertainment noise survey performed?

An entertainment noise survey first needs to establish the baseline amount of noise that is present at the entertainment venue or place of worship. This measurement establishes what the current noise conditions are like, as well as who (if anyone) is likely to be impacted by any excessive noise emissions that are found during the entertainment noise survey.

Once a baseline measurement has been made, the specific entertainment noise can then be analysed for its acoustic characteristics in accordance with Government legislation.

How do I proceed with an entertainment noise survey?

We can assess entertainment venues or places of worship that are currently operational or are still in the proposal stage (provided we have access to sufficient detail regarding a client’s proposed usage). If our entertainment noise assessment reveals that excessive noise emissions are being generated, we are highly experienced in offering expert advice to address the issue. 

Customers in all areas of the entertainment sector have benefited from our realistic, affordable and cost-effective solutions. These have included practical tips, or even providing mitigating measures such as limiters or sound level monitoring devices. These suggestions have proved invaluable to our clients, many of whom have gone on to operate successful venues and places of worship following an entertainment noise survey.


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