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Construction Noise Management

Construction Noise Management Plans

We work with contractors to assess the suitability of any proposed on-site works and to provide guidance and support to reduce noise and vibration at the neighbouring receptors.

Construction Noise Management Plans

A construction noise management plan should be prepared pre-works and will consider the equipment, machienery adn duration of works at each phase of the development.

Major construction projects and developments or any process or activity that generates elevated levels of noise, vibration and dust has the potential to be disruptive to residents and business. Preparing a construction noise and vibration management plan prior to works commencing is critical in identifying, controlling, and reducing emissions and avoiding complaints from residents or action from the Local Authority.

We will prepare a construction noise management plan that defines the measures that will be implemented to control and limit noise emissions and vibration levels at residential properties and other sensitive receptors in the vicinity of the project.

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We will engage with contractors and local authorities at the early stages to seek formal consent in accordance with section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974 to ensure the proposed works comply and that appropriate steps are taken to reduce and limit noise and vibration.

We also offer robust, cost effective and cloud-based noise vibration and dust monitoring systems can cover a range of applications and requirements. Whether you need to monitor construction sites, demolitions sites, industrial processes, outdoor festivals or music events, airports, or motorsport, we have you covered. We offer a tailored service to each project to ensure that it provides you with a cost effective and viable solution that achieves compliance with the regulatory requirements for your project. This can be basic hire only service with automated reporting and access to your data via a customisable website Or we can offer a fully managed service including consultancy advice, custom reporting and management of the equipment onsite.

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Cloud Based Platform – Reliably and securely store your data in real-time.

Customisable Website – Display your live data via a customised website to the public or password protected or both.

Real Time Alerts – Multiple threshold triggers can be set-up to alert via SMS or email to an unlimited recipient.

Power – The systems can operate on 240v, 110v, Battery or Solar Power.

Reporting – Reports can be issued weekly, monthly or at request.

Consultancy – We can liaise with the Local Authority to agree the monitoring strategy and provide ongoing consultancy services.

Weather Stations – Weather stations can be integrated into the service, as required.

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