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Construction Noise & Vibration Assessments

A construction noise and vibration assessment will likely be requested by your local authority during the planning stages of a new project, and will usually be performed in compliance with BS 5228.

Construction Noise & Vibration Assessments

We have years of experience providing construction noise assessments for projects and new developments of all sizes. We follow the latest guidance and standards, such as BS 5228, to ensure that noise and vibration are not excessive both in terms of magnitude and duration of proposed activities.

We also provide monitoring during construction projects to ensure that the levels of noise do not fall outside of stipulated targets. Noise and vibration may be excessive both in terms of the amount of noise and vibration that they generate, and the duration of proposed activities. Additionally, further monitoring of the project is often requested to ensure that the levels of noise and vibration do not fall outside of anticipated levels, or that hours of work (and therefore noise) do not occur outside of those specified by the construction noise and vibration assessment.

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What is BS 5228?

This British Standard provides details concerning mitigation of noise and vibration arising from construction projects, ensuring they do not negatively impact on surrounding areas. Construction noise and vibration assessments may be requested by a planning permission or environmental health officer, to be certain that any proposed activities are acceptable under Section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act. The likelihood of receiving complaints from proposed activities is addressed under Section 60 of this legislation.

Simply the use the contact form, or give us a call, to discuss your specific construction noise and vibration assessment requirements with our friendly and knowledgeable team of expert acoustic consultants.

What is involved in a construction noise and vibration assessment?

The specific requirements for a construction noise and vibration assessment can vary widely depending on the nature of the proposed project, surrounding noise-sensitive receptors, duration of the work and construction equipment that is being used.

Typical techniques that are employed for construction noise and vibration assessments include modelling of the construction noise and vibration, noise assessment of equipment being used on the site, and prediction of the noise impact emanating from operations occurring during the project. NOVA Acoustics Ltd can undertake long term construction noise and vibration monitoring, as well as spot check compliance visits during intensive construction operations.

What type of construction and vibration noise survey do I require?

The type of construction noise and vibration survey required for your project will depend on the stage of progress you are at. Some are needed before any work begins, if it appears likely that noise and/or vibration will impact negatively on nearby residents, communal areas or any other noise-sensitive receptor.

We have experience in performing construction noise surveys for many kinds of projects within the sector. We will always give you reliable, honest advice about the scope and requirements of your project. In the instance that a construction noise survey uncovers any potential issues, we will draw on our experience to provide you with a realistic, cost-effective solution, tailored to suit your needs.

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