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BREEAM Noise Surveys

The Building and Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method (or BREEAM) outlines the current best practises for achieving sustainable design, construction and operation of building projects being undertaken in the United Kingdom.

BREEAM Noise Surveys

BREEAM operates through awarding credits for the environmental performance of a building, with more environmentally sound performance earning more credits.

BREAM noise assessments must be undertaken by a suitably qualified acoustic consultant and consider both building and environmental acoustics. The specific requirements of a BREEAM noise survey depend on the proposed use and location of the new development. Nova Acoustics Ltd are experts in providing a complete range of noise assessment services to support applications for BREEAM credits.

We’ve helped clients from pre-bid to completion in many different sectors including industrial, commercial, residential, healthcare, education and specialist sectors. We also provide design review and advice services, where we carry out BREEAM noise surveys and assessments in support of development proposals. Additionally, we’re able to provide post-construction BREEAM noise assessments, where we carry out acoustic testing to show compliance with BREEAM acoustic performance targets.

While the exact nature and requirements of your BREEAM noise assessment may vary, we have vast experience helping our clients understand and execute the specific BREEAM goals for their project. In the instance that an BREEAM noise survey flags up any issues, we will use our experience to provide you with a realistic, cost-effective solution, tailored to suit your needs.

Simply get in touch via the contact form, or call us, to discuss your specific BREEAM noise assessment requirements with our friendly and knowledgeable acoustic consultants.

What is HEA 05?

The HEA 05 section of a BREEAM noise survey concerns the acoustic performance of the proposed building or fixed installation. This section of guidance aims to make sure that the acoustic performance of the building meets all the necessary standards outlined by BREEAM. Examples of areas of acoustic performance that we assess in a BREEAM noise survey include the ambient indoor noise levels, reverberation times, sound insulation and impact of rain noise on the development.

What is POL 05?

We can assess entertainment venues or places of worship that are currently operational or are still in the proposal stage (provided we have access to sufficient detail regarding a client’s proposed usage). If our entertainment noise assessment reveals that excessive noise emissions are being generated, we are highly experienced in offering expert advice to address the issue. Customers in all areas of the entertainment sector have benefited from our realistic, affordable and cost-effective solutions. These have included practical tips, or even providing mitigating measures such as limiters or sound level monitoring devices. These suggestions have proved invaluable to our clients, many of whom have gone on to operate successful venues and places of worship following an entertainment noise survey.

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