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The Loudest Jobs in the World

While many parents or children’s birthday party organisers might be convinced that they hold the title of ‚’loudest job in the world’, there are many acoustic consultant verified professions that stretch the limits of the sound level meter.

Some are not as obvious as you may think…

Manufacturing – the manufacturing industry covers a great many professions, but typically, the crux of the job involves a great many opportunities for noise. Saws and compressors are amongst the worst culprits for noise at work in these environments.

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Recycling – while many people have a rather sedentary image of recycling in their mind, it can be an incredibly loud profession when performed on the industrial scale. In addition to loud machinery, the banging of glass bottles can be shockingly loud.

Motorcycle Courier – this often comes as a surprise to many people, but ask anyone who has ever rode a motorcycle and they will tell you that they are indeed extremely loud. Turbulence arising from air being pushed through a motorcycle helmet (which should be worn whenever you’re on a motorcycle…) can reach unexpectedly high levels, with current advice for regular motorcyclists being to wear hearing protection.

Nightclub/music venue workers – the fact that nightclubs can play disturbingly loud music has been well documented for a great many years. Despite this, relatively small club owners are often surprised when entertainment noise surveys reveal that their workers should legally be receiving regular employee hearing tests.

Commuters – with the rise of the iPod came a whole new generation of individuals listening to music on the go, and often far too loudly. And for many people, being stuck on the tube or a bus with someone else’s music ringing in their ears is an all too familiar experience. It therefore may not come as a surprise that hearing loss is on the increase at a younger age, and personal music devices are a chief culprit.

The effects of noise at work can be easily dealt with once people recognise that noise can come in many forms. Regular employee hearing tests and monitoring by acoustic consultants can ensure that workers hearing isn’t needlessly damaged.

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