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NOVA Acoustics

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

We provide complimentary technical CPD presentations covering a range of topics to help our clients understand the importance of acoustic design.
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improve your understanding of acoustics

We currently provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions to both existing and prospective clients online via Teams. The purpose of these presentations is to offer a comprehensive overview of the role of noise and acoustics in both planning regulations and the design process. We believe that equipping planning consultants, architects, designers, and contractors with this understanding enables you to make well-informed decisions regarding when to involve an acoustic consultant and how to integrate noise and acoustic considerations into your project timelines.

The advantage of this approach lies in the early incorporation of noise and acoustics into the project, leading to significant cost and time savings. Our CPD sessions encompass a wide range of topics within the field of noise and acoustics and can be customized to address specific challenges encountered by organizations in their past projects. Feedback on our CPD sessions has been overwhelmingly positive, with participants finding them informative and practical for professionals working in various sectors including planning, architecture, construction, education, healthcare and environmental permitting.


Sound Insulation & Approved Document E

This CPD session aims to provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to Sound Insulation and Approved Document E. Participants will gain insight into:

  • Sound theory, terminology and sound in buildings.
  • Overview of building regulations approved document E 2003.
  • Review common wall and floor constructions, as well as junction detailing.
  • Discuss failed sound tests.
  • Pre-completion testing requirements.
Noise & Planning Permission

This CPD session aims to provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to noise and the planning permission process with a focus on residential dvelopments. Participants will gain insight into:

  • Local & National Policies, Standards and Guidance
  • Identifying Noise Risks Early
  • Good Acoustic Design
  • Cost Management
  • Typical Planning Conditions
  • What is Success in Planning?
Health & Safety: Noise in the Workplace

This CPD session aims to provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to noise in the workplace and the HSE guidance. Participants will gain insight into:

  • Introduction to Noise.
  • Noise Guidance and Legislation.
  • Noise implacations on Hearing Health.
  • How to identify and Control Risks. 
  • Noise Risk Assessments
  • Best practice, training and safety equipment. 
Tailormade CPD’s

If you have a sound or vibration topics that you would like us to deliver a CPD on, please get in touch and we will see if we can help.