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Cesva FP122 Sound Source & Amp

Omni-directional Sound Source

This unit consists of an omni-directional loudspeakers for acoustic measurements BP012 and the Amplifier for omni-directional sound source AP602.

- 1/3-octave band graphic equalizer included (AP602) 

- Reduced size: 350 x 300 x 150 mm (AP602) 

- Lightweight : 4.75 kg (AP602) y 14,5 kg (BP012) 

- Bluetooth® wireless technology incorporated 

- MA001 Remote control included 

- 123 dB PWL 

- Complete omni-directional radiation diagram (BP012)


Main Features

Noise generation + Amplifier + Equalizer + Omni-directional Loudspeaker

The FP122 Sound Source has two well defined parts: the BP012 Omni-directional Loudspeaker and the AP602 Amplifier for omni-directional sound source.


The BP012 has 12 loudspeakers mounted on dodecahedral housing. This ensures a complete omni-directional radiation diagram developing up to 123 dB (PWL) sound power with pink noise in third octave bands from 50 - 5000 Hz for more than an hour.


The AP602 comprises in a small size and lightweight White and Pink Noise generator, a power amplifier and a 1/3 octave band Graphics equalizer (±10 dB) from 50 Hz to 5 kHz. This last item makes it unique and a pioneer in the market, as it meets all ISO requirements pertaining to the differences in level between adjacent 1/3-octave bands generated in the emission room.


The AP602 equalizes and amplifies both external signals and white noise, pink noise or band limited 50 Hz - 5 kHz pink noise from internal generator. AP602 includes Bluetooth® wireless communication with a range of 80m and also includes the remote control MI001 for manage (on/off) the source.



SF600 is a software application designed for controlling the CESVA AP600, AP601 and AP602 noise generator, the remote control can be done via a serial cable or via a wireless connection.SF600 is a software application designed for controlling the CESVA AP600, AP601 and AP602 noise generator; the remote control can be used via a serial cable or via a wireless connection.

The SF600 application environment allows you to select the noise type to be reproduced (white/pink) and also to select the noise source (internal/external). Furthermore, the application allows you to increase or decrease the volume and start or stop the noise reproduction. All these operations are in real-time.

Optional Accessories

Cesva TR014

Tripod with wheels for the model BP012