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Acoustic Glossary

A-Z list of terminology commonly used within acoustics.

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Acoustic Symbols
A-Z list of symbols commonly used within acoustics.
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Acoustic Standards

A list of British/International Standards and Guidance relevant to the Acoustics field.

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Acoustics Education

Learn about the top UK Institutions offering Acoustics Education courses accredited by the IOA.


What is Impact Sound?

Sound travels through buildings in different ways, by both airborne sound and structure-borne sound. One form of structure-borne sound is known as impact sound.

As urban areas continue to expand and human activities thrive, environmental noise pollution has become a significant concern. Among the many sources of noise pollution, construction activities have a notable impact on the surrounding environment and community well-being.

What is Airborne Sound?

When designing buildings, there are different types of sounds that should be considered when thinking about sound insulation. One of those types of sounds is airborne sound, which is sound that travels through the air.

Flanking and indirect sounds move from room to room and travel indirectly over or around a soundproof element.

Sound absorption refers to the loss of sound energy when sound waves hit ceilings, walls and floors, and they are absorbed.

There's no denying that the general public is becoming more and more aware of noise in the environment.

There are many complex elements that are involved in the soundproofing of a building. All of these elements work together to help reduce noise and vibrations.

From workplaces to domestic and industrial properties, the noise in buildings often needs to be controlled diligently - and that's where an acoustic consultant comes in.​

For many of us, more hours are spent in the office than in our own homes. For this reason, it is imperative that intelligent design incorporates the key considerations of office acoustics, and in this blog post we will go into some of the important factors when it comes to getting noise exactly right in a professional work environment.

Taking into account how noise and its associated problems can affect communities is an essential aspect of the planning process and one that many planning professionals - on both the local authority side and the development side - are wholeheartedly committed to.

What many gym owners and operators are not aware of is that the acoustics in their facilities could actually be counterproductive. Sound quality and noise levels are important in any public building, but especially so in an environment that has a specific health purpose. This makes gym noise impact assessments vital on a continuous basis.

Every detail of a restaurant's offering needs to be planned, to create the optimum dining out experience and to support staff in being efficient and effective. But have you ever considered that the sounds and vibrations in your restaurant could be a secret assassin?

When it comes to specifying which partition wall or floor design to choose for a project or which product supplier or specifiers data sheet to trust, there’s a lot of confusion and mis-application.​

If you’re an employer working in an industry that’s notorious for the noise it produces, then one piece of legislation you might be familiar with is the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

The Government provides clear guidance on the acoustics, lighting and ventilation requirements for all school buildings in the UK.

Your ears are amazing. That might sound like something that ranks fairly highly on a list of terrible pick-up lines, but people are often unaware of the incredible feats that their ears perform on a daily basis.

As the name suggests, noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a slow and irreversible loss of hearing which can be entirely avoided by taking the necessary precautions.

The Loudest Jobs in the World

While many parents or children’s birthday party organisers might be convinced that they hold the title of ‚’loudest job in the world’, there are many acoustic consultant verified professions that stretch the limits of the sound level meter.

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