Dropped Note

Do you have a spacious environment that wants to keep the atmosphere of free-flowing visual space, but want to make sure that the internal acoustic quality is of the highest standard while fitting alongside the room’s dynamics? Dropped Note™ can be suspended from a great height to accompany different ceiling levels to reduce reverberation by exposing all surfaces for maximum coverage. Whether the design is to create a particular relationship with space or to be incongruous - Dropped Note™ can be custom designed and is available in eleven different colours, or you can choose from our in-house stock designs of Rounded or Square. Dropped Note™ falls into the Class A Absorption rating.

Dropped Note™ Information

  • Stock sizes available in Squared, Rounded
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient of 1.00 (average of 100% across all frequencies)
  • Made from 100% polyester fibres
  • A durable structure providing long-lasting stability
  • Available in 11 different colours


No matter your profession, or to what stage you are at with a project - we all need some inspiration from time to time to remind us what else is available. So if you are always looking at the same old sound absorption options glued to the wall in the same Cream colour to match the walls - let us tell you now, there is a lot more out there!

We have chosen a select case study below to demonstrate what is possible. Maybe there is something you like but would like to alter slightly, perhaps there is something you dislike or the perfect design, but all you want is a different colour - whatever it is, we can help you narrow your options and discuss them with you!

Have your own idea?

So you have your idea but want to know how to take your thoughts from paper to see them hanging in the physical world - installed in your space? We want to hear them!

Our in-house design team can help you every step of the way by bringing them to the physical world as we look at how each idea is best structured and how it will fit together,

Then we create visualisations of each space (both existing spaces or new spaces alongside the architect’s visualisation) to see how they will look in placement. We then send this off to our cutting team who have state-of-the-art precision cutting tools - and then finally we send these flat packed to your installation team, or our installation team if you’re looking for the whole package.

We offer a bespoke product tailoring for our Dropped Note™ with our in-house designer to help cater to your requirements.

Want to learn more about Reverberation?

With all the terminology associated with the world of sound, from sound transmission to reverberation - we do our best to turn information that is based on the mathematics and physics to present it and educate as best we can to those that are not all that certain, or are dipping their toe in for the first time. We all had to start somewhere, and this is what we aim to do - we want to feel comfortable with the knowledge available to help you choose best. It is important to remember that reverberation is created in a single space, a hall for example with hard and reflective surfaces to where the sound continues to bounce around untreated thus creating a long decay of any sound produced. Reverb is addressed by the addition of absorptive materials, helping to absorb sound waves across the frequency spectrum and turns the sound energy to heat - dissipating its acoustic energy.

Reverberation is also be affected by a room's geometry and size, and will often require considering these in addition to its reflective surfaces. When we dig a little into the background, you will find terminology, mathematic equations and names of Scientists you have never heard of - and in the information age, most seek to understand a little more background of what we are trying to solve. We have put together a brief explanation of reverberation to help cover the standard terminology that often accompanies it and describes the adverse effects of excessive reverb in inappropriate places. Reverb above tolerable and targetted levels can disrupt adequate levels and is found to have adverse detrimental effects in educational environments and critical listening and performance spaces. We aim to update this with new research and provide blogs on areas revolving around reverberation. Click on the link below to read more!

Is it suitable for my space?

You have the challenge of introducing Sound Absorption products to a spacious environment that requires a significant improvement in the acoustic quality of a room while trying to breathe life into a setting but wondering if it is suitable for your project? If it is an internal space, then you have your answer, Dropped Note™ applies to a wide range of indoor environments from high ceiling café and co-working spaces to leisure centres and swimming pools.

  • Offices and Workplace Environments
  • Home
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Cafés
  • Retail

Each Dropped Note™ is precision cut to provide a stunning level of consistency, and for ease of fitting, it is flat packed with suspension wires and adequate fixings with instructions for fitting - that is if you fancy yourself a DIY enthusiast, if not we have an installation team happy to help put these in place for you!

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