3D Note Phono

3D Note™ Phono is an acoustic hood that provides an invaluable space to take phone calls in loud and busy environments. The design of 3D Note™ Phono utilises the structural integrity of our Note™ material to create a wall mounted space, inspired by the common phone box that we are all familiar with. It offers superb sound quality to allow users to have a private discussion within a busy working environment. 3D Note™ Phono provides the users with a sense of privacy (both visually and acoustically) as well an improved soundscape in which to converse. One of the main issues with open plan offices is the lack of privacy, but it is 3D Note™ Phono that provides the much-needed sanctuary to escape.


  • Noise Reduction Coefficient of 1.00 (average of 100% across all frequencies)
  • Made from 100% polyester fibres
  • A durable structure providing long-lasting stability
  • Available in 11 different colours which can be alternated within designs


Don’t let the creative block cloud shaping your ideas, whether you want your designs to seep into the mould unseen or break it, we have a select few of our case studies to show you just a glimpse of what is possible. Maybe there is something you like but would like to change, perhaps there is something you dislike or the perfect design, but all you want is a different colour - whatever it is, we can help you narrow your options and discuss them with you.

Have your own idea?

Whether you are an interior designer quietly pondering for the best way to bring your designs to life in a space that helps to improves both the internal acoustics and its visual aesthetics. Or would like to put together a sketch of using our 3D Note™ Phono design in your space or found something in our inspiration section above but want to put a twist on something you’ve seen - our in-house design team can help you every step of the way of bringing them to the physical world!

We will review how each idea is best structured and how it will fit together, we will then look to create visualisations of each space (both existing and new spaces alongside your architect's visualisation) to see how it will look in placement. We then send this off to our cutting team who have the most state-of-the-art precision cutting tools - and finally, we send these flat packed to your installation team, or our installation team if you’re looking for the whole package.

We offer a bespoke product tailoring for our 3D Note Range with our in-house designer to help cater to your requirements - do contact us to discuss.

Is it suitable for my space?

Any environment whether is in the workplace, a gymnasium or music venue that has high ceilings, exposed and full of hard surfaces that feature long and winding corridors carry reverberation over great distances and contain excessive levels to which creates an adverse effect on speech and listening, these are just a few examples of where 3D Note™ Phono is applicable. Whenever you find the issue of reverb affecting your workforce’s output through complaining of the noise issues, or to when your music venue cannot have the playing of drums without clashing of sounds unless you’re Avante-Garde composer - you’ll need some sound absorption. The only recommendation we do have is selecting the right internal colour schemes such as where there is cooking, steam or smoke, or a generally dirty environment - a brilliant white shade may not fair well over time.

  • Offices and Workplace Environments
  • Home
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Cafés
  • Retail

Each 3D Note™ Phono is precision cut to provide a stunning level of consistency and ease of fitting, and it is flat packed with suspension wires and instructions for assembly if you fancy yourself a DIY enthusiast, or if not we have an installation team happy to help put these in place for you!

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