Acoustic Panels & Sound Absorption

Acoustic Panels and Sound Absorption products to reduce reverberation and minimize the noise in your workspace or office. Improve your Room Acoustics and boost concentration, improve communication, increase comfort, improve productivity and ensure privacy. We have an vast array of sound absorption treatments to improve the acoustic in your workspace. 

Acoustic Panels & Sound Absorption

Do you have a Noisy & Reverberant Workplace?

Keeping workspace noise to a minimum is essential to ensuring maximum productivity. Unfortunately, most modern workplaces are open plan, meaning that the noise levels are at record highs, and it is having a negative effect on the workforce.

Many employers do not realise that ongoing exposure to high levels on noise is not only distracting, but it can have far-reaching physiological effects too. Raised blood pressure, ongoing stress and even slips, trips, and falls all increase when an individual is exposed to elevated noise levels over a period of time.

The best way to reduce this problem is to install some acoustic panels. Read our guide to find out more about this fantastic product and learn about how it can help your workforce today.

What Are Acoustic Panels and How Do They Work?

Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing boards that are designed to reduce the amount of noise in a space as well as reducing the amount of reverberation and echoing that affects individuals when they are trying to work. They are popular in large, open workspaces as they help to buffer the noise levels, reducing them so that people can focus more easily and get their work done.

Acoustic panels are typically made from wood, sound absorption materials and fabric. The wooden frame houses the sound-absorbing materials and the fabric (which comes in a wide variety of colours and styles) covers the finished product. Some of the most common absorption materials used in acoustic panels include:

What types of Acoustics Panels are Available?

Choosing the type of panel or sound absorption product that works best for your workspace is easy when you contact us because we can discuss your requirements. Some of the options to choose from include:

  • Dropped Note – dropped from the ceiling, including from great heights, and is perfect for spacious environments.
  • Printed Note – similar to the Dropped Note but incorporates photography or piece of artwork so that your sound absorption fits perfectly with the image of your workplace.
  • 3D Note Octave – a 7x8 octave grid available either flat or concaved and can be hung from the ceiling to provide a visual break as well a sound absorption.
  • Standing Note – can be used to physically divide up space in the workplace by being used a partition with the added benefit of providing sound absorption.
  • 3D Note Phono – an acoustic hood to provide space within the work environment to take phone calls in busy or loud environments. Wall mounted to create a physical, private space.

What Are the Benefits Of Acoustic Panels In the Workplace?

If you are considering getting acoustic panels but are not sure whether the benefits are worth the expenditure then consider the following before making your choice:

Less Interruption

With less noise in the workplace, your team are more likely to be more productive when it comes to completing their tasks. Being able to work in a peaceful environment improves focus and happiness, meaning that your employees will be happier about coming to work and be able to get everything done in the time they are there, reducing your overtime bill.

Improved Employee Health

A quieter workspace is a healthier one. Employees who are not stressed out by noise are more likely to have lower blood pressure, feel less stressed and will be more focused. Not only does that mean fewer people away on sick leave, but it means a healthier workforce who have a renewed stamina for the work that needs to be completed.

Quiet Not Silent 

Working in total silence is not only nearly impossible but also not realistic, and no one wants to work in isolation. That is why acoustic panels are a great choice. You decide how many to install in order to get your noise levels how you want and still enable people to work together in a productive way.

They Add a Design Feature 

Another great thing about having acoustic panels installed is that they add a design feature to a space that may be cold and uninviting. Each panel can be covered in a material that complements the office, and there is nothing stopping you from choosing lots of different colours to make it a talking point in the office.

They Can Be Used for Privacy

Acoustic panels are not just adhered to walls and ceilings; you can choose to fix them to workstations in order to provide privacy and quiet when your team need it the most. Using acoustic panels in this way also helps you to divide the office space up without having to install individual offices.

It is clear that acoustic panels offer a diverse range of benefits in addition to reducing noise levels, making them an asset to any business owner. If you think that acoustic panels may offer the solution you need in your workplace then get in touch today. We can help you to choose the perfect product so that you end up reducing noise and improving employee wellbeing.