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Shush Raft™

Performance: 'A' Class absorption rating.

Dimensions: Variable.

Weight: Variable.

For: Homes, workplaces and music auditoriums.

Installation: Suspended.

Where: Ceiling applications only.

Sound absorbing ceiling panels are designed to achieve the highest acoustic performance without sacrificing on style. Additionally the rafts are designed to absorb sound and enables to achieve the optimum level of acoustic comfort, prevent echo and reverberation and ensures enhanced speech intelligibility. Also the acoustic absorbing ceiling panels can be used in many types of applications such as offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, retail and leisure.

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ShushRaft 4

Our sound absorbing rafts are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including custom shapes. Further the 40mm thick panels are fabricated in a range of fabric colours giving it a flawless finish. Additionally the fabric is then bonded to the face and wrapped around all edges. 

Indeed Shush Raft sound absorbing ceiling panels is an innovative, frameless acoustic raft which offers new opportunities for improving acoustics while bringing a whole new aesthetical dimension to the any room. 

Again designed with practicality in mind, these art deco inspired acoustic ceiling panels will give you peace of mind while adding a splash of colour and texture to any environment.

Our sound absorbing ceiling panels offer CLASS A acoustics; Shush Raft acoustic panels provides acoustic treatment to areas using thermal mass construction by enabling the air to flow freely in the room. The installation time for our Shush Raft sound absorbing panels is easy and quick. In fact, it does not require a specialist fitter to carry out the installation. The acoustic panel are simply suspended by steel cables from the ceiling.

Height level adjustment can be carried out by manipulating the length of each cable on the eyelet to suit your chosen height. Sound absorbing ceiling panels can be set at an angle if required to increase design and aesthetic properties. Regarding the spiral hooks they should be placed approx. 200mm in from the edge of the acoustic panel. Also for angled installations, we recommend the largest panels to be no more than 600mm x 600mm. Our hanging kit includes spiral hook, 2m cable and eyelet hook.



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Sound insulation advice for Part E

Soundproofing Floors
Soundproofing Floors
Soundproofing Designs for Party Floors to achieve compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations.
Soundproofing Walls
Soundproofing Walls
Soundproofing Designs for Party Walls to achieve compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations.

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