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MuteMat™ USP 750-08

Performance: Up to 28dB reduction for impact*

Dimensions: 10m x 1.3m x 8mm (13m2)

Weight: 59kg

For: Great and small scale residential and commercial projects looking for soundproof under screeds.

Compliance: Compliant with both Part E Building Regulations (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland).*

Installation: Please see the installation tab below.

Where: For under screed projects requiring high levels of isolation from low-frequency vibration and impact noise.

Our pimpled under screed underlay specialised for controlling excessive noise issues in concrete structures.

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MuteMat USP 750 08 l

Specialist Acoustic Flooring Underscreed for Part E Building Regulations Compliance

MuteMat® USP 750-08 is our robust, pimpled acoustic under screed resilient layer designed for achieving a greatly improved impact noise reduction between the floating concrete screed and structural concrete slab layers. Its high performance comes from it’s deviated pimpled structure which is found at both 8mm and 4mm – helping to secure minimum points of contact between the two layers.

As a dense and robust product it maintains a low level of compressibility and when subjected to high points loads it maintains its acoustic performance making it suitable for a wide range of applications in residential, commercial and industrial structures, especially where particular low-frequency vibration that large machinery generates as the floated floor design helps to isolate these acoustic issues.


  • 10m x 1.3m x 8mm (13m2)
  • Specialised as an acoustic under screed
    Suitable for concrete structures to effectively attenuate impact noise.
  • Can be installed under a wide range of floor finishes, with no requirement of an overlay.
  • A guaranteed consistent thickness and density.
  • Does not deform, maintains efficiency long term under heavy loads.
  • Pre-fabricated recycled tire granule mat.
    Compliant with both Part E Building Regulations (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland) and Building Standards Technical Handbook 2017 for Scotland for impact transmission.

Although MuteMat® USP is high performing in concrete builds it can also be implemented in other builds including timber to create a floating floor, with the additional benefit to lay floor finishes directly on top. If you are looking for a general acoustic over screed product, view our MuteMat® OSF-750 05 and MuteMat® OSF 750-10.

Flooring constructions in concrete structures are made up of a structural concrete slab, often rough, uneven and not suitable for applying floor finishes – and a screed layer that is applied to create a level and much smoother finish. In large concrete structures, especially where there are many dwellings that can cause disruption, it is important to specify the use of a sound proof under screed material to reduce impact and vibration transfer to minimise disruption – the MuteMat® USP 750-08 is a pimpled product that helps to reduce points of contact between screed and structural concrete to assist in floating the screed finish. Although concrete is very effective at reducing airborne noise issues because of its substantial mass, impact noise will tend to travel further and flank through any connected paths because of the dense molecular structure of concrete and the amount of direct contact, this is called Flanking Transmission.
MuteMat® USP 750-17 has a deviated, pimpled finish which gives it minimal points of contact between the floating floor and the sub-floor, and because of this it can be used on a timber structure to treat impact noise issues. It is recommended to cross-fix two layers of 6mm ply, glued and screwed to the top of the MuteMat® USP 750-08 to provide a level and stable floor. Possible uses could be in conjunction with our gym soundproofing products for small home gym projects – where timber structures could suffer from excessive impact noise, and even in recording studios and other audio focused suites along with cinema rooms where separation with the structure is important to reduce vibration from bass frequencies.
Mute Mat™ USF 750-08 requires no adhesive in structural concrete and screed scenarios, it is simply rolled out and taped – ready for a screed layer. For direct application of floor finishes like engineer wood, laminate or luxury vinyl tile, we would recommend the installation of two layers of 6mm ply cross-fixed with glue and screw to leave a stable base.
This will often be for the specifier to decide on whether it is required or not.

10 kN/m2 = < 7% loss of thickness

15 kN/m2 = < 10.6% loss of thickness

20 kN/m2 = < 14.3% loss of thickness

MuteMat® USF 750-08 is best cut with a fresh Stanley blade and a straight edge or metal ruler, always cut away from your body and behind the straight edge.


MuteMat™ USP 750-08 Product Data
MuteMat™ Performance Data

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Soundproofing Floors
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Soundproofing Walls

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