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Acoustic Hangers & Soundproofing Clips

Acoustic Hangers & Soundproofing Clips

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MuteClip® is designed to be installed in almost any internal application to soundproof walls and ceilings, used to soundproof existing stud partitions or in brick and block constructions against noisy neighbours, against disruptive noise in the workplace and can also be installed as a highly effective soundproofing solution for home cinemas, recording studios and other audio-focused environments where levels of noise can be found in excess of ordinary household disturbances. It is an affordable option for large residential or commercial projects that opt for or require a robust acoustic solution in where developers wish to exceed standard building regulations that lead to the increased comfort of living or workspace environment.
16kg per MuteClip® is the maximum load that can be applied to each clip; our team can help to advise you on the weights on a square meter basis which takes in to account all elements of each system. We aim to be no more than 75% capacity of the clip as hitting the maximum reduces the suspension of the MuteClip, this is true for all other acoustic clips too, reducing its soundproofing effectiveness.
Each colour represents a different density; these react each in their way to vibration and different intensities of sound, helping to cover a broader range of frequencies to further it’s soundproof qualities.
MuteClip® is designed so that only one fixing is required per clip, this improves the rate of installation, limits the amount of contact with the surface it is attached to (which is vital in soundproofing) and makes it easy to install when it comes to applying the MuteClip® Channel, which is simply snapped in and very easy to level. We do recommend you have a little DIY experience, previous use with drills and a little knowledge of installing into brick and block walls (so that no servicing or plumbing is fixed in to). When it comes to the acoustic plasterboard stage in systems, again, some experience in dry-lining will go a long way to ensure significant gaps and incorrect cutting are minimised as these can affect the result of the sound proofing. Two or more people are required due to the high mass of materials.
Fixings are not included as there are a range of substrates in various conditions that are often fixed in to, we would recommend seeking advice from a fixings merchant and counsel from a structural engineer on walls that have been subjected to damp, mould or have aged, we do have guidance in our installation sheets which can be found in the Related PDF tab.

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