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Dimensions: 65m x 65mm x 12mm (per unit)

Weight: 8.66kg

For: Weight machines with a guide shaft diameter of <21mm

Installation: Follow recommendations shown in our Installation tab below.

Where: Applying directly to the guide-shaft of weight machines to reduce the impact of weights slamming.

A set of 4 highly resistant, jig-saw cut-out rings that are applied directly to the guide-shaft of weight machines without having to reassemble the apparatus.

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MuteStop l

MuteStop™ is our solution to reducing the significant impact noise found in pulled-weight machines, and by innovative we mean that you do not need to take apart your already existing apparatus, its jigsaw-like interlocking groove offers a direct fitting to the guide-shaft, a first in the gym soundproofing world.

Reducing impact noise is important in both preventing structural borne vibration by the dropping of heavyweights that collide simply on to other weights below it, and to reduce the excessive shaking of the equipment, which over time could extend its lifetime. There are three densities that offer different levels of compressibility, and each combination is responsive to specific weight drops. The recommended combinations are found in our handy guide found towards the bottom of this page. This not only helps to reduce structural borne vibration, but internal disruption from weights clashing creating disruptive airborne noise.


  • 65mm x 12mm x 21mm (diameter of the hole).
  • Interlocking groove for ease of installation to the guide shaft.
  • Each selection comes in sets of 4 – please do see below on the variations under ‘Weight Guidelines’.

MuteStop™ should be used in conjunction with additional gym soundproofing materials, especially when there are acoustic targets or regulations set by local authorities. For the proposal of new gyms, we would heavily recommend a comprehensive Gym Noise Impact Assessment to provide a detailed report and what measures need to be taken to avoid disruption to local neighbours, especially when they are located in multi-use dwellings, and when residences are in close proximity.

MuteStop™ is part of the iKoustic MuteRange core – this is our broad range of acoustic materials that have been subjected to stringent testing in both laboratory and real-world environments to provide you with the best possible solution for the purpose with a result you can trust. With Gym Soundproofing it is important to find materials that are long-lasting, and highly effective without deviation in the material quality – with MuteStop™ you can rest easy without the weight of noise issues on your shoulders.

In proposal of new Gyms or any neighbour noise complaints with existing gyms, we would recommend to always carry out a Noise Impact Assessment or a General Impact Noise acoustic test (depending on the scenario) to help us specify the right solution for you, and help to mitigate future or ongoing noise issues with any neighbouring properties. MuteStop™ works at source by heavily reducing the impact between weights on a range of stack-weight machinery, reducing the vibration transferring into the apparatus itself and limiting structural borne vibration. It will also soften the airborne noise created through the impact of the weights. The MuteStop™ is incredibly efficient at soundproofing for the cost and ease of installation.

It is used between selected weight slabs by inserting on to the guide shaft, depending on the intended overall weights used there are different densities of MuteStop: Brown is the softest of the three for lightweight drops, Red is the medium level density of medium weight drops and Grey is the most dense of all three for the heavy weight drops. We combine each of these densities to gain optimum levels of compression in a range of ways, you will find this on the main product description lower down on the page of what combinations are best for intended weight ranges.
Each MuteStop is cut into a jig-saw like insertion so that it can be applied to the guide shaft without having to disassemble the entire apparatus, all you will need is a safety buffer between the weights to insert the MuteStop safely, with of course somebody strong enough to lift such weights – we hope this is the case.
With the MuteStop in place, there is an immediate tackling of the impact transference at source, but with airborne noise issues in the room we


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