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Dimensions: 720mm x 610mm x 130mm

Weight: 30kg

For: Gymnasiums, fitness centres and home workout areas.

Installation: Simply place under weight drops areas.

Where: For providing maximum protection against professional weight-bar drops, and for smaller weight drops in sensitive areas.

A highly durable, soft-padded and mobile gym soundproofing platform for use against disruptive impact noise or vibration.

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MuteBloc l

MuteBloc™ is our high quality, robust and high performing pad to significantly reduce impact transmission from the dropping of weights. It is designed primarily (but not exclusively) for gyms that focus on cutting noise issues associated with weight drops, including Crossfit activities to where materials are thrown or dropped, substantial free-weight sections and its most valued arrangement – with dead-lift platforms.

We supply each purchase of MuteBloc™ in pairs as this allows you to drop the weight bars from a height. With the MuteBloc™ in place, the weight bars can be dropped from a height and the suspension and density of the product help to ‘block’ the downward sound energy by transferring it into the MuteBloc™.

By muting the impact noise from moving into the structure and the properties or rooms below, this reduces both shock and vibration which causes the majority of complaints from neighbouring properties of both commercial and residential environments.


  • 725mm x 620mm x 130mm (Set of two)
  • PVC 600gsm casing with a heavy-duty zip
  • The specific density of foam to absorb impact
  • Only weighs 10kg
  • Highly durable with fitted and flat straps to avoid trip hazards
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Gripped base to avoid movement
  • Additional colours are available
MuteBloc™ is a combination of dense materials inserted to the casing that have been vigorously researched and tested to deal with a vast range of weight drops with the sole purpose of being used to dramatically reduce impact noise. MuteBlocs™ are sold in pairs, as each will allow the weight-lifter to drop the weight bar on to them safely and without fear of causing disruption to the Gym through blunt impact. We would recommend a pair in each weightlifting area so that coverage is constant and there is not a wait for each pair. This will also reduce disruption to other clients who may be disrupted by any large impact noise.
Heavy weight lifting areas that require the best soundproofing available for the immediate reduction of impact noise, especially when close to noise sensitive areas to where perhaps the availability for a floor covering is not possible, or when sound insulation values are very high and the impact of such weight to neighbouring properties could be detrimental. If you have a certain type of flooring that requires protection from weight drops, MuteBloc™ would work perfectly here too.
Each MuteBloc is compact and accompanied with a handle on each for ease of carrying, whether that is to another Gym or within a Gym itself. They are built to be incredibly robust with fine zip-work and build quality.
With any proposed Gym we recommend carrying out a Noise Impact Assessment to help us specify the correct acoustic insulation systems and sound proofing materials for their intended uses. Both impact noise and airborne noise are a major concern when Gyms are found in shared building complexes, or adjacent or perhaps even just in close proximity to other properties – especially residential. Certain noise ratings need to be achieved with Gyms to avoid potential or inevitable disruption, and the outcomes of each can only be calculated through this assessment.


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Soundproofing Floors
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Soundproofing Walls

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