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Cesva Risk Manager

New software designed by CESVA for a complete solution: able to assess the risks arising from workers exposure to noise in a simple, efficient & intuitive way.

Calculations and reports in accordance with ISO 9612 

Assessment by various strategies including: Task/Job/Working day 

Automatic calculation of uncertainties 

Assessment of results with and without PPE (hearing protectors) 

Automatic and manual input of measurements with editing facility 

Measurement filters for quick execution of required assessment 

Technical and organisational measures (improvements) simulator with comparative report (before and after)


Main Features

CESVA Risk Manager (CRM) is the latest software, designed by CESVA for a complete solution: it is able to assess the risks arising from workers' exposure to noise in a simple, efficient & intuitive way.

CRM is a response to the current legal requirements with relation to occupational hazards, and it has been designed to facilitate and simplify the assessment following the steps described in the regulation ISO 9612.

With this in mind, this latest CESVA software is structured in 5 zones (tabs):

In the 1st zone: defines the structure of the company and workers by strategy (Tasks, Job or Working Day). The application facilitates the process because it allows workers data to be entered automatically from a table, such as Excel®.

CRM enables the number of measurements needed to be planned in advance, thus saving time and money.

In the 2nd zone: edits and introduces the noise measurements.

In the 3rd zone: assesses workers and work stations (with or without hearing protectors). CRM calculates the levels of noise exposure along with the uncertainties. The assessments can be stored in the project. In addition the application allows this data to be copied and pasted into text editors (e.g. Word®, Excel®...).

In the 4th zone: obtains a noise exposure report and print it, or save it as a .pdf or image file.

In the 5th zone: creates a plan of action which enables the noise exposure level of the workers to be reduced.

CRM is a software application that does more than calculate noise exposure. CRM covers the whole preventative philosophy of Directive 2003/10/CE by incorporating informational, training and registering aspects, making it the ideal tool for companies who want to stand out in their compliance with all the requirements of the international regulations.

CRM is, once again, CESVA's commitment to offering products adapted to the latest revised versions of the regulations.