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Cesva DC112d Dosimeter

Huge Memory and USB connectivity. Instrument for measuring noise according to Directive 2003/10/CE. 

Simultaneous measurement of all parameters, including evaluation of hearing protectors

Evaluation of exposure to noise through SNR and HML 

Projection of parameters 

Great storage capacity; saves the time history of the measurement 

USB connectivity & power 

Applications include: measurement of noise according to Directive 2003/10/CE


Main Features

The DC112d is a high performance dosimeter and the ideal instrument for measuring noise according to Directive 2003/10/CE. It adapts to technical progress and is perfect for health & safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from noise.

The DC112d enables you to measure simultaneously all the parameters needed to assess the levels of noise to which workers are exposed ,with and without, hearing protectors (SNR and HML). The DC112d, measures the equivalent level with A and C frequency-weightings [ LAt, LCt ] (SNR and HML method). And, of course, the Peak Level with C frequency weighting [LCpeak] is also available.

The DC112 enables you to assess and measure exposure to noise and also brings you all the data needed to inform and train workers with regard to the significance and potential risks arising from the results of the measurement and assessment.

Moreover, It helps you to design and run a reduction program and to choose the most suitable hearing protectors.


Table of standards

Type-approval Certificates

EN 61252:1995

/A1:2001 Sound exposure meter

2008-03-12: Type examination
IEC 61252:2002

Sound exposure meter



Minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from physical agents (noise)


Complies with 73/23/CEE and CEM 89/336/CEE low-tension regulations, the latter amended by 93/68/CEE.




CAPTURE Studio is a comprehensive software application that allows you to: configure all the parameters of the instrument on just one screen, retrieve & display data from the instrument in real time (increasing the capacity of the registers because it is limited by the available memory of the PC), download registers from the instrument memory to a PC, erase the instrument memory (so the instrument will be empty & so you will have the full capacity to save the new measurements), display the data files graphically and numerically, convert them into different formats (.txt, .xls, .mdb), copy the graphic and numeric information supplied by the software (to create personalized reports) and save the files in its own *.ccf format (which then cannot be changed and guarantees their total integrity and legality).

CAPTURE Studio provides you with a convenient, easy-to-use environment for obtaining digital data acquired by the instrument.

CAPTURE Studio has been designed as a work environment for the new range of CESVA products. Software available for Cesva sound level meters, vibrometers and dosimeters.

Complete Sets

Cesva EM21d Dosimeter Set

Dosimeter Set


Cesva EM51d Dosimeter Set

Dosimeter Set


Cesva EM61d Dosimeter Set

Dosimeter Set


Optional Accessories

Cesva TR040

Tripod for sound level meter, dosimeter and microphone. Maximum height 1.1 meters


Cesva TR050

Tripod for sound level meter, dosimeter and microphone. Maximum height 1.55 meters


Cesva ML010

Briefcase (39 x 32 x 12 cm)


Cesva ML040

Briefcase (48 x 37 x 16 cm)


Cesva ML060

Special Outdoors Briefcase (51 x 38 x 15 cm) for Sound Level Meter / Dosimeter / Vibrometer, Sound Calibrator and Tripod


Cesva A100

Battery Converter 12 V to 9 V


Cesva AM300

Mains Transformer 220V to 5V