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Acoustic Consultants Leicester

Our expert team of acoustic consultants in Leicester have years of experience in undertaking projects of all shapes and sizes; whether you are looking for an acoustic survey to assess road noise affecting a proposed residential development, a noise impact assessment of a plant installation at a restaurant or building acoustic design advice, please get in touch with our acoustic consultants in Leicester.

Acoustic Consultants Leicester

Our expert team of acoustic consultants have years of experience in undertaking projects of all shapes and sizes; whether it’s an acoustic survey to assess road noise affecting a proposed residential development, a noise impact assessment of a plant installation at a restaurant or building acoustic design advice. We have friendly and knowledgeable acoustic consultants and engineers based throughout the United Kingdom. We have years of experience in tackling a diverse range of projects and can provide bespoke acoustic surveys to ensure your specific requirements are achieved.

Our acoustic consultants and technical team are eager to help you through your project and provide a professional, top quality service that will guarantee a hassle-free result. Through our network of engineers and acoustic consultants, we can provide highly competitive pricing and an unrivalled quality of service. We understand the challenges involved with gaining planning permission and our acoustic consultants aim to help you achieve this with the minimum of stress.

Environmental noise is a critical issue in most countries, this can be from sources of noise such as industrial noise, transport noise, entertainment noise or construction noise. These noise sources can cause an effect on the amenity of people living in the vicinity and also adverse effects on health and wellbeing.

At NOVA Acoustics we assess the level of impact expected from various noise sources by providing acoustic consultancy services. This could be assessing the noise emissions from a road, as a client is wanting to develop residential dwellings on land adjacent to the road. Or it could be consulting with an industrial premises to ensure the expansion of their facility will not cause undue harm (in terms of noise) to the neighbouring houses.

We would provide acoustic consultancy services to firstly ascertain the level of noise and then assess the noise against the relevant standard, such as BS8233:2014 or BS4142:2014. Once the level of noise impact is assessed we would provide recommendations to mitigate the noise and ensure compliance with the relevant standard or local authority criteria.

The most common type of acoustic consultancy service we provide is for planning permission. When developing a residential house or flat, schools, healthcare facilities or hotels, if the development site is near to a transport noise source such as a road or railway then it is likely that during the planning permission process the Local Authority will request a BS8233 noise survey to be undertaken to ensure that appropriate internal and external noise levels can be achieved to guarantee the amenity of the future occupants.

Or if the development is going to generate noise then a BS4142 noise surveys are conducted to assess the likely impact of industrial and commercial noise sources at noise sensitive premises. So, if you are installing external plant equipment, including air conditioning units, extractions systems or generators at your commercial premises. The Local Authority will request a BS4142 noise assessment to be undertaken to ensure the noise impact at the closest sensitive premises is kept to a minimum.

Ultimately, the purpose of the BS8233 and BS4142 noise survey is to ensure that the development is compliant with the National Planning and Policy Framework and Noise Policy Statement for England.

Our Acoustic Consultants can provide acoustic design services to manage and control sound in the built environment. They provide Acoustic Consultancy for the design and assessment of acoustics in homes, workplaces, leisure facilities, schools and offices. The day to day of an Acoustic Consultant is particularly varied, our acoustic consultancy can be conducted noise monitoring for construction sites on one day to carrying out sound insulation testing on a residential development the next to preparing technical concise reports for clients to help them achieve planning permission.

Our clients always come first. Our acoustic consultants provide a bespoke, friendly and technically robust service to all. Don’t believe us? Check out a handful of our reviews below.

“Having used a few different companies for sound testing before and receiving very mixed levels of service, I always use NOVA Acoustics now. I always get good value for money and they spend the time to give good advice. The latest testing was done by Pablo who was very professional.”

“NOVA Acoustics have provided an efficient and clear service both at the inquiry stage and then with the actual testing. The certificate was sent to me very quickly so that I can complete the Buildings Final Inspection process. Pricing is competitive and their staff are polite and helpful.”

“We have tried various acoustic consultants over the last couple of years but found NOVA to be the most proactive. As a result of this, we have used them on our last two schemes and will be using them again.”

“100% recommend NOVA Acoustics. They’re responsive and professional and the Engineer was friendly when dealing the neighbours (who were part of the testing). I would have no hesitation in using them again!”

The Acoustic Consultant you select for your project must suitably qualified and have recognized qualifications and professional membership to the institute of acoustics. At NOVA Acoustics Ltd all our consultants are Corporate Members or Associate Members of the Insitute of Acoustics and are deemed as suitably qualified to conduct acoustic consultancy work. NOVA Acoustics Ltd also holds IS0 9001 accreditation for quality and UKAS Accreditation for Sound Insulation Testing.

Our nationwide team of Acoustic Consultants are on hand to support your project irrespective of location!

Whether you have a school in Yorkshire or London, student accommodation in Birmingham or Nottingham, an industrial premises in Cambridge or Manchester, a function room opening up in the North West or a manufacturing facility in Leicester or Newcastle… NOVA Acoustics Ltd are very well located throughout the UK to provide a cost-effective solution for your project. Give our acoustic consultants a call for an open and honest discussion about your project with at the most competitive price… wherever you are based.

Our Team of Acoustic Consultants are strategically placed across the UK meaning we typically have an Acoustic Consultant within an hour’s drive of your project. Our Acoustic Consultants regularly travel for noise surveying and assessments, sound insulation testing and acoustic design projects, including major cities such as London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Newcastle, Cambridge, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Hull and Liverpool.