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3D Note Octave

Performance: 'A' Class absorption rating.

Dimensions: 1180mm (length) x 1180mm (width) x 268mm (height).

Weight: 10kg.

For: Homes, workplaces and music auditoriums.

Installation: Fixings included with variable wire suspension.

Where: Ceiling applications only.

Acoustic Panels and Sound Absorption products to reduce reverberation and minimize the noise in your workspace or office. Improve your Room Acoustics and boost concentration, improve communication, increase comfort, improve productivity and ensure privacy.

An octave is defined as the distance between two of the same musical note that is eight notes apart.

More Information

octive acoustic baffle

Octave is a grid design of which has a 7×8 configuration, the eight is to represent the scaling of notes found in a musical scale from say a C4 (actual middle C according to the Scientific pitch notation) to C5, in which 8 full notes are stepped. There are two in-house stocked designs of a flat, or a concave grid, and you can hang these either way up. Octave gives your space a definite visual break, helping to break up potential monotonous ceiling grids fixtures, or adding as a sculpture hung from high reaching ceilings. Octave supports a vast improvement of the internal acoustics of each room by exposing the maximum surface area available by the suspension to reduce reverberation. This puts its acoustic performance of Noise Reduction Coefficient in the category of Class A.


  • Octave Baffle – 1180mm (length) x 1180mm (width) x 268mm (height)
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient of 1.00 (average of 100% across all frequencies)
  • Stock styles available: Curved or Flat.
  • Suspended from the ceiling
  • Made from 100% polyester fibres
  • The material is made up of 65% post-consumer recycled materials
  • A durable structure providing long-lasting stability
  • Available in 11 different tones which can alternate through unique designs
  • Will require assembly on arrival


Don’t let the creative block overwhelm your original ideas, and if you’re looking at harmonising or creating visual dissonance to your space, of course depending on what you are trying to achieve, then look no further than our selected case study to see if anything takes your fancy. There may be something you like, something you dislike or you see a perfect idea, but all you want is a different colour.

Have your own idea?

If you’ve already got an idea in mind, or you’ve seen our existing case studies for inspiration and are wondering where to go next? Well, to us – we would love to hear your ideas and help to bring them to life – our in-house design time will seek to look at how each approach is best structured and how it will fit together. We will then look to create visualisations of each space (both existing areas and new spaces alongside your visualisation) to see how it will look in placement. We then send this off to our cutting team who have the most state-of-the-art precision cutting tools – and finally, we send these flat packed to your installation team, or our installation team if you’re looking for the whole package.

We offer a bespoke product tailoring for our 3D Note™ Octave with our in-house designer to help cater to your wants

Is it suitable for my space?

Octave is suitable for more internal environments than is most likely not suitable for if you are looking to reduce excessive reverberation found in leisure centres, a small but high ceiling café to where the coffee machine sounds like a white noise machine. Or merely finding that communication in the workplace is difficult with the wide open-plan spaces – 3D Note™ Octave is ideal for all three examples. The only recommendation we do have is selecting the right colour for the area such as where there is cooking, steam or smoke – a brilliant white shade may not fair well over time.

  • Offices and Workplace
  • Environments
  • Home
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Cafés
  • Retail

Each Octave is precision cut to provide a stunning level of consistency and ease of fitting, and it is flat packed with suspension wires and instructions for assembly if you fancy yourself a DIY enthusiast, or if not we have an installation team happy to help put these in place for you!

Different spaces offer different acoustic properties that are dependent on three aspects that alter sound in varying ways: the volumetric size, its geometry of whether it is square, slanted, pitched or L shaped, and it’s material composition – for instance, is it a glass bowl, is the floor made of a polished concrete or does the ceiling have wood panelling. Then you will want to review what events and activities you wish to take place in the space for having a lecture in a highly reflective and large space would lead to problematic issues for speech intelligibility and would require an increased surface area of sound absorption to absorb to more suited levels. There is no immediate answer to these particular questions without knowing the following:

The room size.

Geometry, for instance, pitched roof with an octagon shape would have a completely different trajectory of sound than a simple rectangle room with a flat roof.

What each surface has as a building material, for instance, a polished wooden floor with exposed breezeblock walls and a wood panel ceiling.

After creating either an estimated modelling of the room or conduction an Acoustic Test, we then we look at required levels with your budget in mind for introducing 3D Note™ Octave to your space and visual requirements in how you would like each Note™ to be arranged.

3D Note™ Octave is not suitable as an acoustic material to provide soundproofing against airborne and impact noise – this is because sound transmission, which is sound penetrating through partitions of walls, floors and ceilings needs significant mass to reduce transference – Octave is lightweight and offers brilliant performance against lowering the energy of soundwaves internally by reducing reverberation. It is often that these can be both found to be issued in more spaces than not – so we often combine them with our MuteRange.

3D Note™ Octave is made of 100% Polyester Fibres which makes it safe for almost any internal applications for there are not exposed irritants or loose fibres. Of this 65% comes from Post Consumer Recycled Content with 35% from Pre Consumer Recycled PET fibres.

Fire Rating is measured under EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009: B – s1, d0.

3D Note™ Octave is a beautifully designed acoustic material that helps to improve the internal acoustics of restaurants and cafés that suffer from disruptive levels of reverberation. Dining in noisy environments can be disrupting to the overall experience, feeling that you cannot enjoy proper levels of conversation or having a sense of security and comfort if it is interrupted by a swarm of noise. Octave is perfectly suitable for installation in these environments, but the only suggestion we do have is that you will want to perhaps use darker colour schemes in areas with high vapour and smoke as this could lead to staining over time.
Every 3D Note™ Octave is packed with installation instructions provided, focusing on the assembly of fins in the correct way, where to place the suspension wires and how to fix them. Suspension wires are also included.
Yes, you can, and we can help you with it! If there is something you’d like altering on the fin design or looking for perhaps a gridded sculpture like Octave but prefer a large span (which would take it away from Octave, but that is okay) or would like to even have it multicoloured instead of a single colour throughout – we can help with each of these requirements. We can also create visualisations with your current or proposed space to see how it would fit into the aesthetics of the room.
If you have been inspired by what you have seen in our Case Studies or would want to look at potential options of making grand or slight custom alterations to 3D Note™ Adagio, we can help. We can support you in the structuring of each idea by creating visual layouts of how it will piece together, if necessary we will also look to develop prototypes to see how it hangs in the physical space – and we can create visualisations of them rendered into your current or proposed rooms.


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Soundproofing Floors
Soundproofing Designs for Party Floors to achieve compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations.
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Soundproofing Walls

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